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Misc Squad - Human

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#1 Gustavo Formighieri

Gustavo Formighieri


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Posted 31 July 2007 - 07:08 AM

Hi guys.

I play Ufo2000 with some friends and here is one of the best ways for and misc. squad using the 15 members.

All the squad members are using different kind of weapons and it's forbidden get weapons from death squad members.

You can check one battle in the replay too.

That's it.


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#2 Popek



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Posted 09 August 2007 - 12:10 AM

Since this topic seems a little misdirected, perhaps we can use it to share squad setups. I'll contribute.

I play 10,000 point games with a slightly modified ufo2000 full set (with the heavy laser/plasma changes discussed in another topic) and my current squad setup is as follows.

Flying Suit Human - Plasma rifle , 1 clip, w/ spare overcharged cell, Combat knife
Power Suit Human - Plasma rifle, 1 clip, 1 smoke grenade, Combat Knife
Flying Suit Human - Sniper Laser Rifle, Combat knife
Personal Armour - Heavy Laser Rifle (5 shot auto fire, 32 weight)
Personal Armour - Laser Rifle, Combat knife, Alien or Napalm grenade
Personal Armour - Laster Pistol, Combat knife, proximity mine
Sectoid - Sniper Rifle, Combat knife
Sectoid - 2 Proximity mines, 1 Heavy Explosive, 1 Napalm, 1 Smoke, Combat Knife

total - 8 units, fairly heavily armoured squad, well armed for a variety of scenarios and possibilities.