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Any Decent Artists Out There?

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Posted 12 March 2007 - 06:51 AM

I'm making a small weaponset that I hope will have quite a bit of strategic potential, due to the limited choices of weapons. The guns will be expensive, capable of bringing down anyone with one shot regardless of armour, but will be fairly inaccurate, hold one shot only, and require a full turn to reload. They'll be backed up with very very weak hand grenades, and a choice of three melee weapons.

Unfortunately, when trying to make graphics for these weapons I realised I'm absolutely shuckeroonies at it, and couldn't even make sprites remotely resembling what I want. If there's anybody out there with some skill making little sprites, I'd really appreciate any help you could lend me. I'll post a description of the weapons I want, just in case there's somebody willing to make some images for me.

- A 1x3 musket. Something real old-school, wood-finished, some kinda flintlock or matchlock firing mechanism.
- A 1x2 pistol. Again, old and flintlocky.
- A 1x3 sword. Something in the fashion of a european cavalry sabre or pirate cutlass.
- A 2x3 axe. A big hefty battleaxe.
- A 1x2 dagger. Old-style, not a modern combat knife.
- A 1x1 reload. Maybe a little lead ball next to a pile of powder, or just a bundle wrapped in a small white cloth.
- A 1x1 grenade. A little clay pot with a fuse coming out of it.

If anybody has any suggestions on improvements to my ideas for the set, they're welcome.

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