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Overkill Tweaks

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#1 Exo2000



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Posted 13 July 2005 - 04:19 PM

Anyone here used the Overkill editor? Any "personal" changes you've made?

Here's some of mine;

Lawpistol - Improved RoF - autopistolish

M4k - Improved RoF - tommygun like now

Autocannon - 100 shots each clip, very fast RoF for that "spray and pray" effect. -10% to accuracy.

Plasma Pistol - 6 shots per clip, now as powerful as the Devastator Cannon. A real six shooter. +20% to accuracy.

Stun Grapple - Hugely powerful, high RoF, range and ammo capacity.

Hi-Ex - this'll really bring the house down! Nearly 2x as powerful as Disruptor Missiles. Topped only by the Vortex mine.


Annihilator - 700 overall Con, with 50 armour on every side - it really IS unstoppable now!

Retaliator - 450 overall Con, with 42 armour on every side - beefy.

Explorer - 400 Con with 37 armour on every side.

Biotrans - 600, with 34 armour on all sides. Perfect for those jobs which need a tough transport.

Valk - 280 Con, with around 12 armour on all sides. Not too shabby.

Hawk - 460 Con with 17 armour on every facing.

Wolfhound - 440 Con with a grand 28 on every facing - perfect for transport jobs! :)
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#2 Blehm 98

Blehm 98


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Posted 13 July 2005 - 11:42 PM

I don't use editors
However, i personally think that Hi explosive should be lighter and be more powerful than Vortex mine, but the vortex mine is only a little weaker and has 50% larger area of effect
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#3 Jonaleth Irenicus

Jonaleth Irenicus


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Posted 14 July 2005 - 05:05 AM

I tried making an über stun grappler so I could stun raid organisations after they started getting shields. Of course then I learned shields just IGNORE all stun damage from a grappler (not gas though, you can still use stun gas) so I stopped stun raiding. It is evil anyway. And makes your score go sky high so aliens get über weapons before you figure out disruptor guns.
Passenger ship terror site, first turn, I open the door of my Triton, there is a Tasoth up on the next floor (his back is facing the screen so I don't know what weapon he has).

One of my guys fire at him, hit, he reaction fires with Thermal Shock Launcher. The whole crew stunned. Mission over.