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Posted 28 December 2007 - 02:36 PM

I have noticed a number of posts of people that strongly dislike some of xcomutils defaults. and frankly I have my own perfered changes to it.

I was wondering rants people have, and they they dont use, or use but hate xcomtuil.

it is my hope to address the big issues first as I work on the features.

Two items on my list are this. First, the default setup would just split the windows EXE apply bug fixes to the dos version. everything else would be optional. Second would be to clean up the game root and have all of xcomutils files, backups and configuration files in a separate sub folder.

-Blade FireLight

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#2 moller



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Posted 30 December 2007 - 02:59 AM

It might be nice to separate "use improved weapons" from clip-less gauss in TFTD. Being able (and told by the game) to manufacture useless clips is confusing and breaks immersion. The description of "improved weapons" states:

"Since these changes simply make otherwise useless weapons useful, the default is Yes."

This doesn't seem to mesh with removing the need for clips from gauss weaponry, as that was a large part of the balance of TFTD's weaponry. One can hardly call the clip-requiring gauss weapons useless, as they are the only step between the puny harpoon weaponry and the end-game sonic guns.

I always left this option at default when playing UFO because adding burst fire to the pistol and accuracy to the heavy laser was hardly unbalancing.

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