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Hyperwave and radar question

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#1 koriand'r



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Posted 04 January 2012 - 04:17 PM

Well first I'm back, after getting Xcom for PS1 which is awesome, I'm just into May on superhuman and got two developed bases both with one large radar and one small radar with six more bases in early stages development (but don't have radar)

I researched hyperwave and one is being constructed as i speak, but what I want to know is do I only need to build one hyperwave? Their scope 9well when i played the PC version of xcom) was impressive, almost too much of an overpowered asset, giving race name, mission and destination. Though will one hyperwave on each base improve detection on UFO's or is it a case of just building one and have small and large radar's built in all other bases?
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#2 NKF



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Posted 04 January 2012 - 07:27 PM

The hyperwave decoder only provides its benefits to the base its installed at, so each base should have their small/large radars replaced with a hyperwave decoder as funds are available.

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#3 yarrow



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Posted 05 January 2012 - 07:01 AM

NKF is right

radars are used per base, not globally

before Hyper-Wave Decoder is built, each base should consist of 1x small + 1x large radars combination

starting with small radars!
yes, they have lower range, but ...
can be built quickly ( even faster than living quarters )
it is better to have ANY detection than none at all !!!

and after HW Decoder is built, do what NKF says :D
and dismantle any small/large radars in that base

you find more info in the link below:

I am ignoring graphs, as UFOs can be detected only by radars or XCom planes
still, graphs can give you clues where UFOs can be

ha, If you didn't see this already I suggest you should see ... this link below :)

good hunting

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#4 Gustarx



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Posted 05 January 2012 - 01:31 PM

Dont dismantle radars, before HWD has been delivered, otherwise U wont have detection for that base for some days.

'Good' postioned bases at earth, with small radars, will give more detection then 1 base with 1 small&Large radar, or 1 HWD.

What Iv done/doing/planning todo is investing in:
1. Bases with only small radars,
- cost 7 x baseconstruction, average 800k ....... = 5.600k
- cost smallradar 7x 500k .............................. = 3.500k
2. Then upgrading each base with Large Radar
- cost = 8x 800k ........................................... = 6.400k
total cost in average for worldwide coverage ... = 15.500k

3. Using crft as detectionsupplement
- cost of crft as detection use:
hangar ... 200k
Sky ....... 500k or
Icpt ....... 600k (less airtime)
total = ?? x 700k

Dont forget, Iv read somewhere on the Ufopedia, (in the aricle Yarrow named) that if Uv built an operating HWD on a base where Small/Large Radar isn't dismantled, AND the small radar detects an ufo, u WON't get the information that the HWD will give. So HWD is in potential less productive with not dismantled radars. However it takes some time to get the funds to built 8 HWD :

4. Upgrading all 8 bases with fully working HWD, with dismantled old radars, where the spot of the old radars are filled with ehm at least general stores to prevent yourself with maintaining costs for 2 spots, (its a bug more in the database of Ufopedia):
- HWD 8 x 1.400k ................................................................ = 11.200k
- general stores 16x (assuming small and large radar) 150k .... = 2.400k
Total initial costs .................................................................. = 13.600k
with maintaining costs each month:
HWD 8x 30k ...................... = 240k
General stores 16x 5k ........ = 80k
total costs each month maintaining with not dismantling old radars 200k + 240k = 320k


leaving empty with the 'bug' is:
8x maintaining costs 10k 80k +
8x maintaining costs 15k 120k
Total 200k each month
total costs each month maintaining with not dismantling old radars 200k + 240k = 440k

Maintaining costs for 8 bases with:
convential detection ........................ = 200 k
HWD with dismantling ..................... = 320 k 240k + 80k OR
....... without dismantling ................ = 440 k 240k + 200k

a difference of 120 k, (is it really a bug and not something that is eh 'programed' in the brains of the programers, to overlook such matters ?, I mean what is really a 'bug' (in live) ? )

Investing and focusing on HWD cost u a lot of cash, ;-) . It is the price worth, of course, :-) and maybe less HWD will suffice. From the start investing in convential detection, 8 bases with 8 Small/ 8 Large radars, gives probably more change to detect Ufo's.

ehm, investing in soldiers takes also lot of cash, psylab 750k for 10 soldiers, personell armour ...
I prefer to have as many psylabs as soldiers. Iv about 50 soldiers, so Im now building first 5 psylabs, Im also in the month May 1999. Im playing this particurlar game since begin 1999. I mean, Ivn't restarted yet a new game. Iv heard/read so much about Psy, so continuing this one in my own speed. (Slow, slow, slow, hahaha, but still looking forward to what is complete new for me, after all those years)


sorry, sorry, my post is probably a bit beyond the scope of the title of the topic, ...

So each makes his own choice's, have fun with protecting Earth, ;-) .

- maybe Iv overlooked the numbers, I haven't done a triplecheck, ...
- I dont know how to outline on forums, sry

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#5 koriand'r



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Posted 05 January 2012 - 05:59 PM

I see its making more sense, I was a bit confused to the nature of the hyperwave, unsure if it was a sure long range radar or it was more like Xcom engima code, letting you know where a UFO was going once detected and that it was the radar system that still detected UFO's.

Though why only 1 radar per base? I know its proarbly been covered but the base information screen does show a number of 1,2,3 etc in terms of effective length. I only ask this is because for superhuman with exception to 1 month so far UFO activity has been quiet so either I haven't got an effective scan or their planning something...(loads shotgun)

Saying that I only have two devloped bases, one in North America and one in Europe (germany). The rest are at japan, Russia (central) China (just above India) Austrailia, Antartica and brazil (Why is Argentina not on the map?)

Not sure why I built one at Antartica, more of a case of me being a prick to my own men, who can freeze to death because they dared claimed to form a work union due to 'controversial' work practises like sending rookies in a alien ambush UFO wired with high explosives, or shooting each other so the survivors can have their bravery improve.

Anyway its the superwarehouse of the lot, though hearing only one radar/HW is needed does change its intended plans a bit.
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#6 NKF



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Posted 05 January 2012 - 06:08 PM

The bars in the info screen are a bit erroneous. They don't tell you how strong or how far the radars work, just how many of each type you have at each base.

The small radar has a 10% detection rate (per 30 minute radar sweep). The large radar adds 20% to the small radar detection and has a longer range 20% detection beyond that. Extra radars are only used for base layout purposes and don't strengthen the detection probability, hence why only one of each type is recommended.

The HWD's detection range is one step above the large radar range and confers 100% detection (per 30 minute intervals) of any UFO that enters this range. Plus the heading, race and mission type is added too.


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