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Soldier Stats

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Posted 25 February 2004 - 05:05 PM

Hello, im new here.

I was thinking about the soldier and skills stats. the aftermatch brough some new and interesting stats and skills.

In the xcom1 there were 8 stats, plus 2 psi.
how about new stats and etc? something like

- Strenght: to carry equipment
- Willpower: bravery
- Resistance: Health (hit points) & Stamina (to sustain fadigue)
- Reflexes: hability to avoid or counteract in alien turns
- Time Units: willpower+reflexes/2

- Combat
--Melee: accuracy with stun-rods, axes, 2 handed swords :P
--Pistols: accuracy with pistols
--Rifles: accuracy with rifles
--Cannons: accuracy with cannons and launchers
- Psi
-- Psi power: raw strenght of psi
-- Psi defense: defense against psi
-- Psi Points: Psi points when using psi skills
- Defense
-- Evasion: Dodge incoming attacks (by dodging or rolling to cover)
-- Speed: More speed when run or walk
- Field movement
-- Perception: to find enemies and stuff
-- stealth: to move without be seen

(ok, lots of it taken from the aftermatch, but it is just a example. could be others)

and all skills and stats are raised by training and field combat. but u can choose what to train with your soldier. Maybe 3 training facilities
- Psy training facility: to psi skills
- body training facility: to the stats (strenght, will, reflexes, resistance)
- Combat training facility: to the other skills

Ok, thats my 2 cents. Hope u like.
:uzzi2: :plasma:

EDIT: I didnt saw the personnel and recruiting posts, sorry. :( can someone move this?

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