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Evacuate Problem

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#1 Guest_Grossbe_*

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Posted 03 September 2010 - 12:29 PM

Hiho i play xcom2 for a long time now and i have never encountered this error:

I currenty play xcom Terror from the deep on Superhuman with no reloades whatsoever (even on geoscape)
However i kinda get frustrated just at the beginning:
Terror Isle mission. 8 Aqanauts against Deep ones and green dudes. in a fierce battle i lost 7 of my soldiers and killed only 4 aliens.
The main objective for the mission was to capture a live deep one. It was extremely exicting walking with my last soldier to my ship with
a live deep one in my hands. at last i reached the sub and was extremly relived not to loose my triton. so i saved ( i always save when im about to finish
a mission, because sometimes the game would crash when returning to geoscape). happy as i was a second ago, sad i was the next:

mission debriefing saying i lost 7 soldiers killed 4 aliens and (!!!!) lost the triton! wth? i finished the mission INSIDE my triton and the game told me too:
0 soldiers otside and 1 soldier inside xcom craft.

i dont know what to do, i kinda dont wanna reload cuz im iron maning, but this seriously bugs me. i risked a lot for that live deep one....

well i did reload in the end trying to position my soldier on another field in my sub but nothing seems to help.

Any of u guys had this error? what can be done? does the live alen have something to do with the bug? do i need 2 soldiers to captian the triton?
Where should i put the live deep one?

any help would be appricated


i registered her in the forum but i can only post here.... im i still a gues? how do i become a full member?

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Posted 03 September 2010 - 01:32 PM

That bug sounds very unusual. Is there anywhere you can upload that savegame so I can have a look at it?

Since we had a problem with a lot of spambots registering on the forum, I think the admins need to approve new accounts before they are fully active, so you it won't be immediate.

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#3 Guest_Grossbe_*

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Posted 04 September 2010 - 06:48 AM

oh okay i do understand that.

I solved the bug btw, and encountered very strange behavior:

When i would stand OUTSIDE the xcom craft i would loose the soldier missing in action but i would rescue my triton (with no one inside)
I did that but there i noticed there where 2 soldiers missing in action (MIA only when i leave my soldier outside the craft) and i remebered i had a stunned soldier lying in some corner.i went to get him put him inside the craft and voila it works. it seemed that the stunned soldier prevented me from successfully evacuating the area hmpf.

#4 Guest_Grossbe_*

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Posted 04 September 2010 - 06:50 AM

additionally when i throw the live deep one on the floor of my triton it dies the momet i leave combat (1 alien corpse recovered) i have to hold him in my hands so it would stay alive... very strange indeed ^^

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