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Posted 07 August 2005 - 06:46 PM

Aside from the topography considered above, here's my take:

- Drawback: Additional $250/mo. per person in the base as monthly maintenance, to reflect higher life support (heating) requirements.
- Advantage: Cold environment enhances base security: deep snow reduces the ability for alien units to trudge into the base, reducing the number of alien invaders that get through the (assumed) base defence perimeter.

- Drawback: Base is easier to spot by scout UFOs.
- Advantage: Missile defences are more effective and 20% cheaper; radar range is longer; hyperwave decoder is 5% cheaper.

- Drawback: Base creation (i.e., new base site) is $100,000 more (6.6% more expensive).
- Advantage: Base is considerably more difficult to spot by UFOs.

- Drawback: Facility construction cost is increased by 5% and takes 10% longer (rounded down -- e.g., 28 days becomes 30 days; 32 days becomes 35 days).
- Advantage: More difficult to spot, all defences more effective.

- Drawback: Base is easier to invade or siege.
- Advantage: New base site is $100,000 cheaper.

The advantages and disadvantages also apply in reverse, with regards to the X-Corps spotting/attacking alien bases. With regards to the enhanced defence perimeters... presumably when the X-Corps invades an alien base, they'll be dropped on the surface instead of at the access lift, and there will be a couple of automated sentry guns, as well as maybe a hoverpod or two on patrol. If the base spots the X-Corps on approach (usually a flat chance, reduced if X-Corps uses a stealthier landing craft), then the base will also have armed soldiers on the surface awaiting their arrival.

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Posted 11 August 2005 - 07:27 PM

Moved to Workshops, as per request.

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Posted 11 August 2005 - 07:37 PM

Someone should get all the other relavent quotes from that thread and post them here too, if no one else does then I will when i get back, i only have about 5 minutes left before i have to go
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