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Tactical Air Support

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Posted 25 June 2009 - 12:47 PM

OK, you've just downed a UFO. You get the option to stay and provide air support for your troops on the ground. Your fighter will just fly around the crash site until it runs out of fuel, or you give it further orders, or your troop transport arrives. The currently equipped weapons on your craft will be used in the air support. Such as if there is a cannon and missiles equipped you would get the option in battleview for a strafing run and missile attack. But these will be limited by the ammo the fighter has left after the fight. Like you will need 20 cannon rounds left to do a strafing run or at least 1 missile left for a missile attack. You will only get 1 strafe and missile attack per-mission even if the fighter has 50 cannon rounds. Of course... You will still be able to provide air support even if the fighter is out of cannon rounds but still has 1 missile left, you just can't do a strafing run.
Different weapons will also have different effects like the missile will have great damage but fairly small radius which is good against armor and the strafe decent damage but wide radius good for infantry. Same ideas go for the alien and laser weapons if mounted on craft. These abilities can be useful if your in a pickle like if there is a Sectopod close to your soldiers and the heavy weapons guy is to far back to help, just use a missile attack. And after both attacks are used the pilot could say something clever to tell you he/she has left the scene like "Alright, I'm bugging out. Good Hunting."

To those who still read the forums, feel free to give some feedback if its good, bad, improvements or if its just to inconceivable to put in the game?

P.S. Sorry for the long read I like to explain in detail.

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