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Oh No, I Beat It ! Now What Do I Do With My Life ?

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Posted 07 August 2006 - 05:13 AM

Finally, I beat the game on Superhuman Ironman. :)

The first twenty+ hours were incredibly exciting, best game of anything ever !

The last tenty hours were hum-drum and boring, just like most other strat games.

But what do I do now ? I want to play again, but how ?

Does anyone have any good experience of weapon limits ?

No MC might be a bit more challenging, but I could still DWP my way to victory easily.

So I was thinking Only-Human weapons plus no-MC. This would bring all the funky weapons that I rarely use into mainstream play, like gas cannons and magma packs. I'd keep the armour (cos it's non-weapon) so I can skip using stairs when I research Mag Armour, walking is such a bore.

Has anyone actually tried this ? can you beat the t'leth levels with poxy human weapons when you can't salvage alien ammo ?

#2 Blehm 98

Blehm 98


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Posted 07 August 2006 - 09:28 AM

i'm sure you can but i wouldn't recommend it. You can carry a TON of gauss weapon clips into combat...

you should try a game in which you use no explosives and you can't shoot down UFOs, beancounter, that should be tough
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Posted 08 August 2006 - 05:08 AM

What's beancounter - must sell everything ? can't hold inventory ?

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Posted 08 August 2006 - 06:43 AM

The only problem with a human tech only game would be the lobstermen. They're a real spanner in your works. You're not going to tazer a whole dreadnaught full of them... at least, not easily, and Gas Cannons are too slow despite having some ability to penetrate a lobsterman's defence.

What about a melee intensive game? Where you try to use melee combat as much as possible, except when the situation doesn't allow it (like blowing up synonium devices, or the alien is on a level you cannot reach). Play as normal until you can capture a calcinite and a Gill-man, then have a ball.

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Posted 08 August 2006 - 07:39 AM

gauss is human tech...anyway you try playing with my alien pack...to see if you can match aliens with an alien

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Posted 08 August 2006 - 08:23 AM

The only problem with a human tech only game would be the lobstermen.

I agree they would be challenging, I'm hoping that heavy gauss will knock them down, since they have 50% resistance to sonic, but gauss isn't sonic, so a heavy gauss hit will count as two sonic pistol hits !

I've just GOT to gve that a go, :P and anyway, you don't have to fight all the battles to win the war... :D

As for a melee intensive game, I'll have to lump it with tazers, oh why didn't they include a simple knife....

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Posted 08 August 2006 - 09:55 AM

Yeah I tried a few no alien tech games (not even armor) in TFTD. It's probably possible, but I never finished one (lost interest). You can forget about using heavy gauss to down lobbies, IIRC... I just retreated as fast as I could when I had to deal with them, just make sure your overall score is high enough :) . Though without armor or alien stuff the number behind my Triton often got as high as 6 or so, without even getting to the finish. :D
It's fun though, I can certainly recommend it.
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Posted 08 August 2006 - 10:18 AM

Yeah I tried a few no alien tech games (not even armor) in TFTD.

You're a harder man than me, I just can't get by without flying armour, and the extra protection will probably offset the lunacy anyway.

It's fun though, I can certainly recommend it.

Hurrah, its settled then..... see you in a couple of years after my donkey has been handed to me.

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Posted 08 August 2006 - 04:49 PM

As others have said, Gauss is NOT the answer to lobstermen...the Heavy Gauss does 75 damage vs. 80 damage for the Sonic Pistol, and while its true that lobstermen are 50% resistant to sonic, its also true that they are 60% resistant to Gauss (see the Wiki for more details)

Beancounter is a playstyle where you avoid using anything that must be replaced...in XCom1 this usually means using lasers and stun rods exclusively, but there are no ammoless ranged weapons in TFTD (unless you use XcomUtil to patch the Gauss weapons), so here it would mean not using any one-shot weapons: grenades, hi-explosives, torpedos (both handheld and craft-based), etc. Basically, you just pretend that there is a skinny, bespectacled accountant with a whiny nasaly voice following you around and complaining bitterly every time you spend $$ on weapons or equipment.

Lobstermen do have a weakness to the melee weapons, and they of course fit very well into a beancounter game since they don't use ammo...but they are alien tech, so you would have to make an exception to the 'human tech only' if you use them.


#10 Zombie



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Posted 10 August 2006 - 09:53 AM

The Thermal Tazer is human-tech and is a melee weapon. While it isn't bladed, it does offer a 110% susceptibility bonus. That's the good news. The bad news is like what NKF mentioned: stunning a whole ship full of them will be a problem. I suppose you could ignore Lobsterman missions and focus on the other races instead... although that takes all the fun (and difficulty) out. Mixed terror missions should be possible to complete with the Tazer. :P

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Posted 10 August 2006 - 10:24 AM

Its unlikely that I'll miss the difficulty, more likely I'll miss not being dead, or having funding.

Thanks to grommet for pointing out the lack of lobsterman vulnerability to gauss, that would have been such a pain to find out the hard way :D

Thermal tazers can take down lobbiemen, but the bigger guys need two hits.

So I'll need to get the TU's of my guys up and not get them killed. :huh?:

Actually I'm more afraid of tentaculats, I often DWP area blast to kill them and I don't think they are super vulnerable to human weapons.

Without DWP and MC those 120 TU beasties will be rather scary.

The only other thing that could completely stuff me early is if lobstermen attack my first base, which is usually my main base throughout the game - it'll be a hard one to ignore !