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Really Old X-com Roleplaying

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Posted 17 March 2005 - 11:17 AM

i remember having found and played long ago (before i even joined this forum) a website for a really interesting x-com roleplaying. it was played on a yahoo group, but it had a website which provided lots of info like member info, how to register, how to play, etc.
it wasn't like D&D RPGs, not at all, it was like story-telling, where you wrote as much as you could, being real descriptive and all, and you actually played like you were in it, talking to other members, walking around the base, etc. and most of the time we just went around the base partying and exploring (iirc we only had one mission) :P
it was very fun, based on the first X-Com UFO Defense, and you could be a soldier, scientist or an engineer, and would play as such.
unfortunately, after months of great fun, the group moved to an ezboard, and it died a while after (don't know why most members didn't move to it, it was clearly announced).

So now, remembering such old stuff, I was searching around to see if I could find it again, but no such luck. I was wondering if anyone remembers it or had played in it, or if at least someone could find the website/yahoo group/ezboard.

too bad, now you will never know the ancient secrets of supsupers long gone avatar ;)

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