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Storyline idea

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I Come in Peace!


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Posted 18 May 2003 - 05:15 AM

First Hi! to all of you!I'm a bit of a newbie in to the X-Com universe (though with some luck I can find T'Leth)...so sorry for any dumb mystakes!
Well my firt idea is about the storyline:
I've read one such topic on this forum and I have a great idea-why not combine X-Com 1 and 2 in such way that the original story mystakes will be erased.

The aliens were once part of powerfull alien expedition from other galaxy.But due to some accident (hit by a metheor?) their mothership crashed on Mars and broke it's dehybernation chambers and the aliens stood frozen for a millenia...
...until, thousends of years later, a signal from the neighboring planet called "Earth" to one of it's probes (Voyager?) activated the motherships computers...now the aliens can continue their mission to conquer the Earth!
Oh and the aliens wanted to conquer the Earth because it's water based planets and the aliens need water because their planet was "dying".But why would the remnants of the expedition want to conquer Earth when without water their species had already died?Two reasons-because they still have the numbers to reproduce and "remake" it, and because they don't remember that they were frozen for thousents of years...

And i have some ideas about fighters: (based on the Russian experimental fighters Mig1-44 and S-37)
Heres the Mig
Posted Image
and heres the S-37
Posted Image
Posted Image
Heres link to the planes for more pics:
Mig 1-44

Well, I hope I helped i bit!

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Posted 18 May 2003 - 08:29 AM

Welcome to Xenocide!

I can see that you'll make a great addition to the Creative Text Department :D . I'm going to direct you to two specific threads that I really think you'll enjoy. They should put you in the right place and get you started.

The first: http://www.xcomufo.c...=ST&f=37&t=1176

This one will show you a sampling of texts that have been thrown around about the origin and history of the aliens. Just a small sampling, mind you, your probably gonna just have to read the forums tha hard way (i mean completely) to get the whole picture. But this should start you off. Just so you know, if and when you join, a few new magical forums appear which have more detailed and interesting write-ups...

The second: http://www.xcomufo.c...t=ST&f=44&t=627

This one has a number of craft designs, a few suprising close to what you suggest. Take a look, be amazed :wink: .

Hope this helps ya,
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Posted 18 May 2003 - 01:50 PM

Definitely some nice ideas, join the group and work with the creative text crew! :D