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Expanded Damage Model

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Posted 01 December 2005 - 01:27 AM

Although it would add some complexity in learning different weapons, it would also maybe add tactical decisions regarding such things as rifles versus support, etc.

Penetration: This is how well the ammunition can penetrate armour.
- Ballistic - This is the number used when determining the level of penetration compared to the ballistic protection of the armour.
- Energy - This is the number used when determining the level of penetration compared to the absorbative and deflective protection of the armour.

Damage: This is what kind and maximum quantity of damage the ammunition can cause once it has penetrated.
- Kinetic - Usually results in sepsis, and lots of tearing of internal organs. Many aliens will have a great resistance to this as a racial bonus because of body structure.
- Thermal - Results in further organ damage, circuit damage, and often discomfort.
- Poison - This is caused by toxic and other effects and causes permanent damage.
- Stun - This is caused by stun rounds and causes stun damage.

Now you could have some additional class differentiation among weapons, especailly for aliens:

Assault Rifle - medium penetration and damage, high ROF, medium to low accuracy and medium clip size
Battle Rifle - high penetration and medium damage, with slower ROF, and medium to high accuracy and medium clip size
Sniper Rifle - high penetration and high damge, slow ROF, low clip size, and high accuracy
Squad Support - medium to low penetration and damage, high to very high ROF, low accuracy and high clip size
SMG - low penetration and high damage, high ROF, medium accruayc and meidum to low clip size
Pistol - low penetration and medium damage, low ROF, high accuracy and low clip size

This goes along with another thread I am making on making weapons more unique.