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<remote Control> Skill

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Posted 30 April 2007 - 05:05 AM

I propose to add new skill, to add more distinctions.
Tank or hovertank that cannot take/unload troops is robot, remote-controlled fully or partially (i.e. can acquire and track targets, move in given direction, etc). To use it, player must have operative with device like <Control panel> and with as good <Remote control> skill as possible. Such operators uses their own TU to command devices, so they cannot run about and control hovertanks at the same time.
The same is appliable to mental control: good telepatic power alone is enough to panic (or calm) target, but to control someone's actions properly subject needs additional skill.

As an additional application can be introduced 2 separate telepatic effects: <Stun> and <Suppress movement>.
<Stun> changes target's state and disables once and for long (comatose victim even cannot be readily controlled).
<Suppress movement> is continuous and applied against still-resisiting target; it's much easier than control to the degree which allows aimed shot, but too depends of <Remote control> skill. Prevents most complex actions like walking or shooting (maybe, just annihilates TUs with more or less efficiency ?..), but if it's not good enough, target can at least drop primed grenade, if not throw.
Targets' resistance to stunning effects or control can be different, hence 2 modes are not redundant.
On the other hand, instead of binary allegiance change Mind control result can be partial override of target's agility - from making victim unable to act precisely to struggle on the spot, then to rough control and then more precise control.

The same skill can be used for some high-tech weapons.

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