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Psi Accuracy

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#1 scorps04



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Posted 02 June 2004 - 02:01 PM

I know there is already a feature planned for this..:

# A Psi user must have line-of-sight to attack an alien. Psi stregth drops with distance, similar to an accuracy drop.

wouldn't it be more logical if not the distance, but the number of enemy units near the targeted unit would affect Psi strength? the explanation would be that due to the presence of multiple minds, the attacking unit cannot focus on a unit within a larger group with the same precision than on an isolated unit.

as I said, just an idea...

#2 A_dxman



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Posted 02 June 2004 - 08:21 PM

This is quite a good idea.
A psi person or alien can always hit his target, but the strength of the attack dissipates as distance increased (dependant on the ability of the individual using psi)
Also the ides of psi noise is a rare one. The more minds in an area the harder it is to targe one mind…so a group get a psi defence bonus unless that psi individual uses a ‘splash’ attack on an area.
This opens up the idea that psi shields could be manufactured and that they simulate multiple minds.
It could also mean that an x-com commander would need to way up the benefit of ‘psi protection vs getting hit by a BB or grenade’

Oh, what if a group of high level, highly stained psi troops could synchronise their minds and project a group attack on the enemy. X-corps would figure this out after capturing a high level psi alien alive and ‘persuading’ him to exchange information.

Oh, BTW good idea scorps04