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Wasting grenades

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Posted 08 October 2018 - 08:34 PM

Do you guys consider using a Magna-Blast grenade to kill a single gillman who has put himself in the center of some seaweed (or whatever that stuff is) that provides lots of cover such that I don't think I have a clear shot to be a waste of the grenade?


What about later on when I have sonic pulsars? It seems that I get a lot more sonic pulsars in TFTD than I got Alien Grenades in X-COM1 (and Zarbrite seems easier to get than Elerium, but I seem to get less Aqua Plastics than Alien Alloys), but they are still far more finite than the human-tech weapons. I actually take a manga-blast grenade or two against even lobstermen when I have sonic pulsars for removing this kind of cover, but it seems a bit wasteful.


On the other hand, they are good training weapons for rookies with horrible marksmanship, although a bit expensive compared to dart pistol clips. (Which I only really start to use once I get M.C. and the skill to control the aliens. Then I can equip the entire squad with dart pistols, and use M.C. to trade weapons with the aliens while carrying a bunch of spare clips. Not as nice as "laser pistol gifts" but it works).


**EDIT** ON reflection, manga-pulse grenades are cheap and I shouldn't worry about wasting them, since they cost less than a small torpedo, but I'm curious about opinions on using sonic pulsars in the scenario.

If you wish, change the gillman to a lobsterman. While I know a sonic pulsar is definitely NOT overkill for lobstermen, and in fact will only wound him, it does remove the cover from him quite nicely.

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