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Management Staff And Buildings

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Posted 10 October 2005 - 01:12 PM

Base Commander - { Hire this person to get make sure that your scientists and Engineers get clear during a base invation; This individual increases your reaction and detection of aliens with the intention of invading. Maybe they also increase turn around time of incepters slightly. --> I dont see you being in this postion ie you are the Project Overseer not nessecarly on sight all the time.}

Finacial Officer - { Hire this person to get slight reductions in purchacing equipment, ease the cost of montly maitance. }

Foriegn Aid Ambasotor - { Hire these people to increase your relationship with the diffrent funding countries. -> also these agencys could comunicate there needs through the ambasotors you have Hired... letting you get clues of Alien Infiltration, Alien Activity through unoffice channels. }

Logistic Cordinators - { Hire these people to increase the productivity of your Engineers. They help facilitate the aqusition of funds, materials, and personal. They also revise proceedures to increase productivity. }


Each of these people or maybe they represent a staff... would take up living space, require monthly saleries, and may even require there own facility buildings.
Base Commander could need a command center. Finacial Officer and Foriegn Aid could need more luxurious quarters or some kind of Phone Room.

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Posted 10 October 2005 - 07:20 PM

And also those guys will be very hard to find. One can be found on an exceptionally tough terror mission, if aliens wont finish him, that is. Other can offer his services when you relationship with his home country have experienced rapid rise (like you destroyed couple of alien bases on it's territory in a week). And so on.

Yeah, I like the idea...

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