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Placement On Differnt Heights, And Other Ideas...

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Posted 28 November 2005 - 03:20 PM

Something that always bugged the heck out of me when it comes to levels like XBASE and Mothership and such...

You can't choose which floor your people are to be placed on (like 1 on ground, 2 in 2nd floor, and 1 on top/roof, in the territory); as well, why isn't there a free-place mode or randomization (sans territories; place just about anywhere in the map)? You won't know your enemy's whereabouts anyway. I mean; at times, it's either too predictable, or annoying not knowing exactly which building you're getting sniped from.

Plus, the randomization aspect could raise the intensity when it comes to searching for teammates/enemies. (Would work best with no map revealed, 6x6x4 levels. It would especially be fun in the Paintball Arena level too.

When it comes to the free-placement idea; It would work well for setting up scenarios and such. And save them later to try out online. An assault-like thing (similar to Unreal, except with an Xcom twist). It could serve as a good challenge for some map makers. Normandy is a good idea, now if there was a goal other than kill everyone in sight.

For instance: (unrelated scenario idea)

You have some xcom units ambushed by a group of aliens after exploring an empty ship (small or medium craft). OMFG

The team starts off in the control room of the med-sm ship, and the doorway is blocked by some soldiers. And outside has a few other aliens, and maybe one or two on the roof of the ship.

I mean; there should be a scenario builder or something like that too. I'll be patient with the process as it is, but it would make for some interesting online fights.

How it can also work is by having pre-determined drop points for teammates, if the scenario idea won't work out. At least be able to have a setup scenario with P1 and P2 in a gunfight or something (special map consisting of an open warehouse or hangar with barrels and boxes everywhere for cover; and players scatter for cover); Where you're limited to a 10x10 square near point-blank range from the other player. Would be fun having everyone equipped with pistols, or grenades. It would look like a game of dodgeball in replay (full speed).

It would be a good change from "Opposing sides" fighting, or "Surrounded". Plus, you can also set it up so there would be Default (West/East) or North/South placement for opposing sides; or with "surrounded", choose which player is surrounded or not; point blank (see above idea); Or total control (having free-placement on a full half of a map (50/50 divide of the map instead of 25/25/50 empty), think of the possibilities for levels like warehouse with that. They can be used for deathmatch or other game modes where they can be useful (especially for other unique maps.

Good for a different strategy/way of playing).

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