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Fire Squad Training

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Posted 06 April 2007 - 10:26 AM

Could anyone be kind enough to reply to this post with a savegame of reaction training, I am playing around with xcom1 and would like to get into making some uber soldiers with maxed stats, but I had a go earlier at setting up a fire squad but it didn't work so well. Also I am supposed to give the aliens laser pistols, but all armour is still vulnerable at the sides to a high roll. And what weapons and I supposed to use on my own guys? The more important thing is that the aliens seemed to sometimes stay stationary, sometimes run around and shoot, is there a way to make sure they just stay there and shoot your marines?


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Posted 06 April 2007 - 03:18 PM

I haven't got a savegame on me, so I'll just stick to discussion for the moment.

If you want to train reactions, you'll probably want to give the alien a much slower weapon. For example, the autocannon, while your troops use the faster weapon, i.e. pistol, laser pistol, laser rifle. If you haven't done this yet, read up on reactions and then move on to some of the related articles. Maybe even check the talk pages if there are any.

There's no way to root an alien to the spot in the game without resorting to editing the savegame file. In fact, you're better off forcing the alien into a situation where it must walk towards your firing team. Some things that might help include, smoke or making it so that the alien must walk through a door (UFOs are great for this) or even making sure the spot just after the door is within the very edges of your firing team's vision - if you've got the space.

There's no easy way to root an alien to a spot without resorting to editing the savegame. For aliens that won't move, you can often incite them to start moving by moving a soldier up close to them.

Just remember that reaction training always involves some risk.

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