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Would This Work?

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#51 Lord Hellraiser

Lord Hellraiser


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Posted 20 August 2006 - 01:40 AM

I agree with shotgunner.

Empyrean, a mistake, I think, you made was thinking aliens as an advanced version of humankind.

A child can use an AK, sure, because he has seen examples (demos and gun-like things in our culture) and has been given instructions to maintain it.

Aliens have guns for sure, cos its really hard to dream up truly 'alien' weapons coz we're all human. 'Alien' weapons in X-Com aren't too innovative or 'alien' enough for debate. (Eg. Pistol grips? Aliens must have hands???)

Simple gun physics are obvious coz we made it and its discussed everywhere. (Eg. The 'drop' may not be that obvious to an alien used to recoiless plasma guns.)

For a simple solution, an alien could pick up a weapon and use it; these may happen:
1) Alien shoots himself
2) Sucky accuracy
3) Can't reload
4) Blah.

If the sucker revovers the item and tells his buddies about it, at the next battle, the aliens would improve a tad. They can still use their uber alien weapons to kill you anyway.

That's my opinion anyway.

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Posted 21 August 2006 - 08:39 AM

The argument that aliens dont need to research human weapons is just plain silly. In gameplay terms if an alien could pick up a human weapon and fire it then why cant a human pick up an alien weapon and fire it?

Firing weapons are fairly simple, the most complex weapons would be the rocket launcher and the blaster bomb launcher mainly due to the targeting systems of both and safety locks. However for all other weapons (human at least) there are safetys which have to be deactivated before the weapon can be used and an alien who just picks up a weapon would not be able to know how to use it straight away. Take a typical rifle for example (like the xcom one) there are 3 buttons/levers, the safety, the magazine release and the firing bolt, also there may be another lever to switch from semi to auto/burst. For an alien to succesfully use they must know which button to press to release the safety, the simplest part of using the weapon would be firing as the trigger is obvious but they would have to search around in the rifle to figure out how to release the safety and to make the rifle ready to fire. Also it is very possible for the alien to jam the weapon and they might not be able to figure out how to un-jam it. Would they be able to work out the sighting system of the rifle to line up the near and far sights? Would they be able to take apart the rifle to be able to fix it? Probably not, there are a fair number of reasons why they would have to research how to use the rifle let alone weapons why have different mechanisms like the autocannon.

Now the argument of why aliens would need to research human weapons, well as many have said before mainly to adapt, they could develop body armour which is designed to stop armour piercing ballistics or more protective against incedinary or high explosives. Also it could be possible that the aliens could research human weapons to develop more deadly weapons themselves, they could as said before develop proximity weapons like a mini blaster bomb mine. Of course for aliens to research human weapons to use human weapons seems silly unless it is for infiltration, or if it was some sort of containment breach where they manage to break out of the alien containment facility in an xcom base and have to make do with the primitive human weapons they find, if they already knew how to use the human weapons there success rate would be higher until they can find thier own weapons in storage.