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Why Are Ppl So Afraid Of Mc On Dpls?

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Posted 22 June 2009 - 12:35 AM

here's my thing, if you haven't gotten to the point where your troops are screened & nearly MC free...

don't give a guy you're unsure of a DPL,

OR, the simplest solution is make sure he doesn't have on at the end of every round...

it only take 2 TU to drop the launcher out of his hands, & 8 to pick it back up.

Pick it up, fire it, reload & drop. or if he can't do that... pick it up, fire it, drop it / next turn pick it up, reload it, drop it / repeat.

what is so hard about that?

the other thing is, i never have a DPL more than 1/2 a turn away from my lander, like EVER.

if you're not a total retard, any point in the game can be hit with 8 waypoints... and in the RARE circumstances where it can't?

firing 1 DPL to destroy a wall / obstacle makes it 100% possible to hit anywhere / anytime with 8 waypoints on the 2nd shot.
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Posted 22 June 2009 - 01:18 AM

Not everyone will be as vigilant as managing their troops as that (seasoned players on the other hand have no excuse! :D) . There are also those careless moments where you forget to drop the launcher for a turn just happens to get MC'd.

One other method you could do is not carry any ammo, and sit on the equipment pile. It costs 15 TUs to load any weapon no matter where you got the clip, so you can end the turn with an empty launcher and do a load-fire cycle each time you need it. If you use an ammo mule, you can have the aquanaut with the launcher wandering about the field and have another aquanaut toss or drop ammo as necessary. This bit really applies more to the other direct fire launchers the Torpedo Launcher and Thermal Shok Launcher.

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