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Xenocide Questions...

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Guest_kevin simcox_*
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Posted 19 March 2006 - 07:47 PM

Can you play the game as the aliens? I mean the real, full game, with research and everything?

If so, can I do terror missions? I mean, can I attack human cities?

will there be the ability to have individual body parts take damage or get completely destroyed? This also will allow for the player to select a specific body part for a soldier to target. e.g headshot ( 1 hit kill <hopefully :D >)

Will there be psionics ingame like the origional? will there will be attacks to manipulate all of the emotions? as well as mind control and various telekenisis attacks. (depression, Insanity, Panic, lower trust of a soldier to another having them act more edgy around allys and maybe even turn on an ally. sorry but i cant think of the word im looking for. )

Looking at EDF - every nation in the world will be included in their game. They will all have the option of funding you, but only a few will actually do so. You will also have the option of accepting funding from individual corporations.
will you be doing something similar or sticking with the origional type of funding from XCOM: Enemy Unknown?

When you defend your bases from attack, will they be built to scale? In XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the living quarters, with training, housing, and dining for 50 people consisted of 12 bunkbeds...

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Posted 19 March 2006 - 07:51 PM


Xenocide will stick to the XCom game mechanics unless otherwise noted in the documentation (docs.projectxenocide.com).

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