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Geo Demo

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Posted 25 January 2009 - 06:20 AM

I saw there were some Geoscape demos at the forum, so I thought it would be nice to show you how could it look if Qt and OpenGL engine would be used for making GeoScape. Some ideas about this application was made by myself and some has been taken from the forum. The application is packed in a similar way I did it with Utto. Windows version needs DLLs too (it is different set of DLLs than for Utto).

Windows version and DLLs:

Attached File  GeoDemo_for_windows.zip   435.17K   93 downloads
Attached File  DLLs_for_GeoDemo.zip   857.01K   87 downloads
These DLLs are:
- mingwm10.dll
- QtCore4.dll
- QtOpenGL4.dll
You will also need QtGui4.dll - I can't place it here because of 2 MB single upload limit (it has about 2.7 MB after packing). Try to download it from http://francois.devi...Copy/QtGui4.dll - but I'm not sure if it will work properly with this application.
You can try to get 'QtGui4.dll' (and other DLLs) from Utto's package available from FUEL's website - see http://7kplay.net/utto.php.
You may also test the Utto too in this case.

Running at Windows:
Run 'GeoDemo.exe' from 'GeoDemo' directory.
Make sure you've got important Qt's DLLs placed next to GeoDemo.exe file.

Linux version:

Attached File  GeoDemo_for_linux__sources_.zip   417.83K   67 downloads
Running at Linux (and compiling at Windows):
1. Run the console (in Windows "Qt 4.x.x Command Prompt" from Start=>Programs=>Qt by Trolltech v4.x.x) and go to 'GeoDemo\src' directory.
2. Type qmake (or qmake-qt4 if you have qt3 installed too) and press Enter.
3. Type make and press Enter.
4. Go to 'GeoDemo' directory and run 'GeoDemo'.

I haven't got good textures and pictures but the current ones should be enough - one of the globe textures from http://www.xcomufo.c...=...st&p=142117 was used.
I've had some problems with point-click translation to 3D coordinates - but it turned out that there is nice gluUnProject() method at OpenGL which allows to do it easy.
All possible things to do with the application are listed at 'Help' button (or pressing F1). There is also Polish translation for it - it should be auto-detected.
I'm aware that there might be too early for adding geo-feature but from the other hand it may bring some progress with the entire game.
GeoEngine Client could have other important features in the future like: squad editor, storage management etc.
This is one of possible schemes (very simple):

Informations for the picture:
A - Ufo2000 game - current Ufo2000 version
B - Ufo2000 server - current Ufo2000 server
C - Ufo2000 database - current Ufo2000 database (ufo2000.db file)
D - GeoEngine client-side
E - GeoEngine server-side
F - GeoEngine database

1 - data transfer between Ufo2000 game and server
2 - communication between Ufo2000 server and its database
3 - data transfer between GeoEngine client-side and server-side
4 - communication between GeoEngine server-side and Ufo2000 database (read-only, but possible full access too)
5 - communication between GeoEngine server-side and GeoNeonic database (full access)
6 - launching Ufo2000 game by GeoEngine

Main server - server which contains Ufo2000 server and GeoEngine server
Player's computer - computer with the Ufo2000 game and GeoEngine client-side installed

I have also examples how to connect GeoEngine with the game.
First example - this solution doesn't need any changes to Ufo2000 sources - it is based on the database's data.:
  • couple (5-9) ranks for players (starting from simple civil organization (lets say "X-Neigbours" with knifes, chainsaws, simple pistols etc.) and ending with big organisation (like X-COM))
  • each rank have to play with certain (unique for it) weaponset
  • player starts with base on the surface and after some promotions it would be turned into underground base
  • promotion to upper rank would be possible after getting enough cash, experience and certain buildings or technologies
  • only battles with proper weaponset (connected with equal or lower rank of player) would be valid
  • all data mentioned could be loaded from ufo2000.db by GeoEngine Server and then they could be verified and applied - Qt provides support for SQLite databases
Second example:
Gameplay similar to above but...
There is F3 functionality for loading unfinished battles. There could be similar feature (lets say F5) at the game which allows to load RANDOM GENERATED unfinished game for both players - so players would have direct possiblity to play.
Player could place his men at the ship (at GeoEngine Client) and then random generator should place the ship on the map (all as unfinished game in ufo2000.db).
This case is more flexible but requires changes at Ufo2000's sources and adding ship to the map objects.

This demo is only a sugestion, I guess you want to do such thing in the other way.

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#2 Intri



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Posted 04 February 2009 - 08:17 AM

Hmmm.... no opinions ? :huh?:
Maybe it is caused by low activity at the forum... Anyway, if you have some comments about things mentioned above, just write them here :P

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Posted 18 February 2009 - 10:41 AM

I guess some of you had a problem with running it - 'QtGui4.dll' file available at given link is not compatible with rest of DLLs... :unsure:
You can run this application at windows only if you have Qt4.2 or newer installed...Maybe there is a way to avoid this problem, I will try to find it :)

Edit : You can try to get 'QtGui4.dll' from Utto's package available from FUEL's website - see http://7kplay.net/utto.php.
You may also test the Utto too in this case :D

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#4 JFarceur



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Posted 14 March 2009 - 09:33 AM

I'm downloading the files now.

[Edit] It did not worked. I uploaded a screenie.

I used DLL's from UTTO

Attached Thumbnails

  • UFO_2000_Geo_test_001.JPG

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#5 Kraplax



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Posted 09 June 2009 - 03:28 PM

That's a neat idea, i guess. I know, today's ufo2000 development is about making it stable, but i hope this'll be included at some point to the game. I even can imagine that this might be kind of Map editor for each mission. For now it's rather rough and i wouldn't consider including it as a part of a game (not that i'm the one who makes such decsions - no, i'm a mere user like you :) ). I was able to compile it fine on Windows (i have whole Qt environment up and running). I liked the draggable menu (by default, the left panel). And the idea of your of making bases (though, one shouldn't enter 'owner' field - it should be taken from player's Nickname). I guess the idea is just neat, let's hope some delopers assist on it and make it part of the game (maybe even standalone part - managing your base is kind of MMOG part, which better be accessible any time, while battling should be something that happens when you really have time for it).
Let's hear what lead developers say :)