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Editing Soldiers

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#1 Valthonis



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Posted 05 January 2006 - 05:17 PM

I've been doing alot of reading, and alot of searching , but came up with no answers. Basically im looking for a way to change a soldiers stats below 50, (or 25(X2) for strength. I found some posts about hex editing, but I could'nt seems to get the hang of that.

The idea (and reason behind this madness) is simple, me and my brother (or me at least :P ) are planing a map based UFO campaign using ufo 2k as the perfect tool to play out the various battles, thus creating (on a limited scale) a "persistant" multiplayer game.

The thing is, having 50 in a stat is way to high in my opinion, or at least to high for some stats , like reaction and such, I seem to recall there being listed a reason for the minimum of 50 for each stat somewhere....

One more reason to lower the stats under 50 is to increase the diff between for an example a rookie human and a "rookie" sectoid. this is close to impossible due to the fact that there is only a 30 point diff between min and max stats.

Add to that the "experience" system im planing (a manuall one i might add) and you're maybe starting to see my problem. The plan is creating a team (of 5 to start with) human troopers and the second player would have 5 sectoids and 2 mutons, or somesuch, these squads would be exported (saved) and these are the files id like to change (somehow)

These changes are not intended for online play, (since my troopers would be much worse than those using "normal" ones).

Thus im concluding this rant with a simplified question.

How (if possible) do i lower a stat BELOW 50 points, (since it cant be done with ufo 2k's built in stat editor) ?

thanks :)

- Valthonis

#2 Hobbes


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Posted 05 January 2006 - 06:57 PM

It can't be done right now.

I think exactly the same, that there should be more flexibility regarding the stats to allow for a greater range on the stats. To my knowledge the reason why the current stats only allow for a minimum of 50 has to do their original implementation on UFO2000 (easier if you keep things simple). This might change in the future, I've already put a suggestion for it on bugtracker (http://ufo2000.lxnt.info/mantis) but you can't read it right now because the site has been offline.

#3 nachtwolf


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Posted 06 January 2006 - 12:46 AM

How (if possible) do i lower a stat BELOW 50 points, (since it cant be done with ufo 2k's built in stat editor) ?

thanks :)

- Valthonis


You can always edit the UFO2000 source (get them : http://ufo2000.sourceforge.net/) and compile your own version of the game which would allow for that...
Be warned, this is hard to do if you are not used to C++ programming and you can almost forget it if you are not used to programming in general (no, html doesn't count).
Unfortunately I see no other way yet, sorry.

Edited by nachtwolf, 06 January 2006 - 12:49 AM.

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