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Base defense

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Posted 17 July 2011 - 01:34 PM

Once the aliens discover your base and launch a base defense, will their next retaliations instantly go to attack mode or will they have to scout it again? I just barely survived the aquatoid BD and I'm wondering if I should stop building new buildings in this base, and start building backup buildings for transferring stuff and scientists in another. If Tasoth or lobstermen invade, I'm probably not going to do so well.

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Posted 18 July 2011 - 02:16 AM

Generally the missions are quite singular, so once you cleared that one by defeating them in the base, it's over and done with. Base defences shooting down the subs will not reset the mission flag, so the base will be attacked repeatedly.

Further retaliation scout waves will have to be generated through the usual means, or if you fail the 2% chance roll that occurs every time you shoot down an enemy sub. Rather hate that last one, as it skips the scouting wave and a Dreadnaught is scheduled to go straight to the base when it appears.

First base defence mission in TFTD I've played in many years and it was against Lobstermen. Nasty crustaceans. Had a literal blast - and learnt some valuable lessons about using the base's blast doors to your advantage - and that explosives in the hallway is a big no-no. It was a very good reminder that TFTD is not just UFO with new graphics.


Just wanted to add that it might not be a bad idea to set up a secondary assault base. Such a base is handy to have as it can be quickly updated into a main base in the event your main base is destroyed. Plus it gives you an extra troop transport to send out if there's lots of things going on at once.


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