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Exo's Tactics & Hints

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Posted 27 May 2005 - 05:45 PM

This is my compilation place of hints, tactics and whatnot.

Simple, really. Cover all exits with soldiers and slaughter any enemies that try to flee. Needs a lot of troops, though.

Playing Dirty:
Needs a big budget for high explosives. Flatten anything in your way to get what you want. Sure, it pisses the Corporations off, but it kills the aliens... right?

Levelling the Playing Field:
If the aliens are advancing in tech too fast, try knocking down the odd overpass or highway. It'll piss Transtellar off, but no vehicles will counterattack. It'll also lower your score and stop the aliens from getting stuff so fast if you're doing well.

Hide and Seek:
Take guns. Find aliens. Kill aliens. Simple, really. Shoot any you find, then move on.

Surrounding 'em:
Works best in the offices with towers. Knock out the upper walkways between the offices, then camp the office entrances for a few minutes. If they don't come out, slowly advance inwards, killing any aliens you see. Try not to kill civvies!

A quick in 'n' out: Alien Buildings
Hit the objectives as fast as you can, then get out as fast as possible. Try not to get involved in firefights too long. Evacuate any wounded or useless squaddies, they'll only slow you down. Requires some budget for explosives and powerful weapons.

Teleport Bomber:
Pause Game
Put Vortex Mine in hand (Personal Teleporter in other hand)
Prime Vortex Mine for a few seconds (whilst paused!)
Teleport (still paused!)
Go into inventory, drop mine to ground (still paused!)
Teleport to a safe location (STILL paused!)
Unpause Game
Watch the Carnage (or at least listen)

Android Sword Carnage:
Take one elite Android
Add two plasma swords
And two personal shields
Oh, and Disruptor Armour
And then a Personal Teleporter
Equip a Plasma Sword in one hand
Have the Teleporter in the other
Find a bunch of unwitting aliens
Teleport into the middle of them
Switch the Pers. Teleport for the other plasma sword
Set Aggressive & Autofire
Watch the aliens get sliced to giblets

Disco Inferno:
Simple, really. Use an incendiary AC round, or grenade, and throw it at the food growing inside the big alien food chambers. Mmmm, that stuff burns damn nice!
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