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Aliens Taking Over

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Posted 29 October 2005 - 01:43 PM

I have a few questions, thx in advance for replys BTW, and so:

I setup up a game to see how the Aliens would respond from the start if i had eight maxxed bases, and completed full research. Used an editor BTW. All i did was shoot down terror ships and the odd battleship. i never done a tactical for over two game years, and no-go to alien bases. Anyway, i have 32 alien bases scattered around the globe, with all races having at least three bases each. I found a trend emerged with their placement. I have five bases almost stacked onto top of each other at N. Japan, and a nice circle of bases in N.America/Canada, agmonst other places...
Well, what i found is that if i move LOC.DAT (and CRAFT.DAT which is necessary too) to a new-game-new-save spot, i could start afresh with one base...and...32 alien bases.

-How do I seperate craft.dat away from loc.dat so i can use these files interchangably, because otherwise game crashes if not together?, and why?
-I there an editor that edits loc.dat, specifically to insert alien bases and such?, and where?

My game is the CD version (from about 1996), the large-ish box also containing the Prima strategy guides for both games. I guess it would contain UFOv1.4 and TFTDv2.0.

...and soforth! When did the Windows versions come out? and are the same looking as 320x200 graphics, or have they increased the resolution. (Yes, I have been living under a rock! ...with Half-Life, Dues Ex, Battlezone 2, Quake 3, SOF2, Diabl..zzzzzz)