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Solution to Corrupted Save Files (Geoscape Crash at Specific Time)

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Posted 10 January 2010 - 03:40 PM

Hey all,

I recently pulled XCom2 off the shelf b/c I was bored around the holidays. Unfortunately, somehow my savegames got corrupted and anytime I got to 11:30am, August 2, the game would crash back to Windows. Nothing I did could change this outcome -- and it went back at least two months (I save a game every week and move that file to a different directory to prevent problems like these, but this went so far back I didn't want to replay).

First I tried to change the game clock, but that didn't help. Even if I managed to copy over the files controlling the game clock, for example if the original save game was 8:30am, August 2, and I overwrote some of the game files so that the game thought it was may 1, then sure enough, 3 hours later, the game would crash. So I knew there must be an event triggering the crash.

It turns out that the file that is corrupted is "missions.dat" Through trial and error I overwrote that file from an uncorrupted previously saved game, and voila! I made it past the explosion date. I've run it for 3 months without crashing.

I don't know what this file controls exactly, but it appears to control the ALIEN MISSIONS, for example if they're coming after your base, etc. So far my repaired game works without any adverse effects. If I get ambitious I may try to take the file apart with a hex editor and see exactly what the problem is, but my guess is that it won't be immediately obvious, it more likely tries to call a subroutine that doesn't exist or is in the wrong place. But anyway, if you're having this problem, copying a missions.dat from a savegame you know is clean may fix your problem. Alternatively, you could probably start a brand-new game, save it, then copy the clean missions.dat into your corrupted savegame.

I'm running Xcom2 CE (gold) on winXP, for what it's worth. I think this fix would probably also work with the old version of the game since it involves a corrupted savegame.

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Posted 11 January 2010 - 12:23 AM

You can do the same thing to re-set your alien containment if you mess up the deep-one research or if lobsterman commanders aren't showing up when you specifically stunned a whole mob of them at a colony just to complete the end-game and Leviathan research.

Sounds like the game set up a mission with corrupt data. You can check out the structure on the ufopaedia wiki for the Missions.dat format.


This is actually for UFO, but the structure will be the same for both games.

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