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More Complicated Anding

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Posted 19 January 2004 - 08:52 AM

here i have thougth of a less easy ending. in x-com you just had to assault an ethreal battleship on a base mission once to get the commander and then go to cydonia. you never really had to assault an alien base, at least i never did.

so i have thougth of a more complicated thing. what if the aliens (the ethreals) are controlled not by one master brain, but by an even more supreme race that is represented only by few (10 or 15) individuals.
and to win you have to find and kill all of theese. then for exemple 2 of them are located on earth in 2 capital alien bases (perhaps even bigger then normal ones guarded by a whole bunch of ethereal commanders), 1 is on the venus (they are researching it) and the rest is located on mars in muliple bases.
to find the first one on earth (his base) you would then have to interrogate some ethereal commanders (2 or 3). to find the second one on earth you eigther have to capture the first one alive (can only be done by very(!) powerful psi usage) or interrogate more ethereal commanders. to get to know of cadonia and the one on the venus you must capture one of theese alive on earth. if you do not succeed in capturing one alive (e.g not enougth psi strength/skill) then you must wait until another one somes to earth (thier original number increases by 1), only now it is possible to capture one in a battlespip in a base mission.
as soon you get to know about cydonia you then could make the alien offer and give the player the chance to switch to the altentaive ending discussed here.
the assault on venus can be done from the earth, but to assault the rest of these supremes you must land on mars and construct a base there. to get to know all locations of theese supremes you then always have to eigther interrogate one of them or some ethereal commanders. with every supreme killed/captured the all aliens loose a bit morale. when you finally get to know about the supreme commander, he could make the alien offer again and eigther you go kill him or you accept and turn on earth and get a whole bunch of alien soldiers unlike in the first offer where you just ally with the aliens.
only when all supremes are killed you win. they are like they share a single mind using psi over huge distances, so they are enourmusly strong in psi when you assault them, but they still can move fast enougth, carry weapons (supreme ones, that you can capture and use, but you cannot reproduce them/their ammo) and have a hard skin (unlike the ethereals). they are genetically modified ethereals, but they cannot reproduce themselves, they can only be genetically created, which is very hard to do for the aliens. thats why there are so few of them.
i would change the world, but god does not give me the source code...

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Posted 19 January 2004 - 09:32 AM

Well that certainly puts a new twist to it :D