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Proximity Mines & Boomeroids

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Posted 12 October 2007 - 05:15 PM

From some quick testing, it seems to me that the timer works as expected, but the range is a little tricky. Setting it to 1.5m explodes it whenever a unit walks directly over the mine. 1 tile = 1.5m, so 3.0m explodes when a unit moves adjacent to the mine (as in X-COM 1), and 4.5m explodes when he's a tile away. This range seems to be limited to 4.5m: even if you set it to 12.0m, the radius is still 2 tiles. The mine will only explode if someone moves into its range or moves while within its range. So far, this goes for Proximity Mines and Boomeroids.

Boomeroids have another feature: if anyone moves in/into a 14-tile radius of the Boomeroid, it starts hopping towards that unit (about 4 tiles at a time?). It only hops when sensing movement, so if he stops, so will the Boomeroid. If he moves in the detection radius (the one that you set) of the Boomeroid, the bomb explodes. The Boomeroid cannot explode if it's not on the ground, i.e., in the middle of a hop.

Is there anyone who has a lot of experience using these mines who can confirm this? Personally, I don't set mines. :)

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Posted 13 October 2007 - 10:46 AM

For the most part, I only use mines in narrow passageways and doors ;)
Exits are a good spot for boomeroids as well..

Its fun to use Boomeroids in base defense though, as if you have a strong agent, he can step to the door of the vehicle bay and chuck in a boomeroid, then step back, you get to just watch the fun ^^

Also useful for when you dont have a motion sensor as well for finding aliens in large open area's.

Rule of thumb, more damage is done in the center of the explosion ;)
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