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Aliens' Rescue Mission

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Posted 15 March 2004 - 03:47 PM

"Aliens' Rescue Mission"
I think this idea could easily be included in V1.

I think there should definitely be "aliens' rescue mission", this feature is no big deal! If you left a crashed UFO downed for too long, another UFO would come in to assist their comrades!

They could either help them fix the ship or evac crew and weapons. For some time in the beginning they would tend to fix the ship (in order not to let you get in hold of the their tech). Later on in the game, they could just come and pick the crew along with weapons, leaving you with bunch of alien alloys!

This way, another problem would be solved. Later on when playing UFO, I found it lesser interesting to go to small downed UFO crash sites, it became a routine! It was nothing but time taking, no challenge. Therefore I think this could/should be implemented in v1!! For there are more important and challenging battles to be fought! Ofcourse, letting them go, would result in your monthly score.

Besides it would explain ?how? the aliens managed to fix their ship (especially small ones) without any spare parts and equipment! Many times crashed UFO can be found completely destructed with top or walls missing, there is no way this could be re-made.

I think something like this would be a good thing to include...
At least repair assistance, without evac...


#2 Cpl. Facehugger

Cpl. Facehugger

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Posted 15 March 2004 - 04:54 PM

But...Would the aliens care about the neglible resources of a downed scout? I mean, sure they would recover a commander, but would they really care about the grey soldiers in a small ship?
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#3 Robo Dojo 58

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Posted 15 March 2004 - 05:58 PM

All the aliens are clones, I think. If I ruled the aliens, I wouldn't waste my time saving a clone squad. I'd just clone another one. :)
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#4 Jonaleth Irenicus

Jonaleth Irenicus


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Posted 16 March 2004 - 03:27 AM

The hive like society does not care about losses of individuals, members are expandable if there is a good cause. And trying to rescue the crew of a crashed UFO would be risking more members of the colony for... what exactly?

Humans would send a rescue team because we are not a hive like society (we believe in individualism and that every member is unique and important to the society). A rescue party from humans is logical, but aliens...
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Posted 16 March 2004 - 04:06 AM

Cloning takes time and resources, so do building of a new ship, equipment and weaponry. It might be a lot easier to just pick them up if there is a ship heading somewhere nearby. It is all a thing of economy, i think.
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