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New Recruiting Procedure For Artwork Department

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Posted 24 July 2005 - 02:23 PM

For details on the rationale please refer to the Programming Recruit Procedure Thread: at http://www.xcomufo.c...?showtopic=7835

This is an announcement regarding the new recruitment policy of the artwork department. As in the case of the programming department all recruits must reapply following this new procedure.

The application has to have the following content:

- What profile you are applying for (if you want to apply for several, give an order of preference) If you want to apply without a profile, you will have to specify exactly what you would work on and how it would be integrated into the current structure. Give some rational why that profile is needed.

- what skills you possess and how they relate to the profile you apply for (if you apply for several, do this for each one). If there are some skills lacking for it, add an action plan how you want to aquire them!

- how much time commitment you think you can afford and how much this will vary (exam periods, etc) This does not mean we'll kick you out if you can't deliver it, it's just to get an idea. Nevertheless it should be a realistic number. Also, someone who can afford 20 hours a week is not necessarily better than one affording 2 or 3, so don't exagerate here, this will look rather bad later on :-). I minimum of 1-2 hours per week on average is a must though, otherwise it doesn't make too much sense to participate.

- You will have to send a portfolio of your past work (take in account that your selected portfolio must be related to the profile you are applying) and a resumé of work if you feel that can help your application. The portfolio is mandatory for your application to be considered.

Please send your portfolio by mail to vaaish(at)projectxenocide.com and redknight(at)projectxenocide.com and the application by forum PM to Vaaish with CC to Red Knight

Your application will be reviewed by the Project Leader and the Head of the Artwork Department and we will give you a response about the outcome of the application.


Concept Artist
Responsibilities: Visualization of art assets prior to 3d content creation
Digital Proficiencies: Photoshop, Illustrator
Manual Proficiencies: Pen and Ink, Marker, or pencil
Application: please submit a small portfolio of your work.

Texture Artist
Responsibilities: Paint and apply textures to completed models. May include UV mapping.
Digital Proficiencies: Photoshop, Illustrator, 3d Studio MAX
Application: Please submit a small portfolio of your work. Include examples of texture layout and renders of the texture applied to the model.

3d Modeler
Responsibilities: Create and UV map 3d art assets from supplied concept art.
Digital Proficiencies: 3d Studio MAX required, Photoshop a plus.
Application: Please submit a small portfolio of your work. Include wireframe renders and examples of your uv maps.

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