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A Different Ending

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#1 Johnfromnz



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Posted 10 August 2006 - 10:07 PM

I used to love playing the Original X-Com at the start. Placing your first base, Building up Base facilities starting missions, researching technology, flying recon, responding to terror attacks and building further bases. The fun for me was getting the balance right to ensure I was able to cope with the ever increasing challenges. All the while looking forward to that next piece of technology (even when I had replayed the game a thousand times and knew the tech tree off by heart) which would let me take on the bigger UFOs.

But then towards the end as you start to fly mission after mission, sometimes with multiple downed UFOs to raid, it gets to be a chore. Too hard or too easy. A long Alien base raid followed by a downed Alien scout mission, only one day before the next UFO appears as you have more Radars spread all over the Globe than you can count. Then the tech tree finishes and you have a whole lot of bored scientists.

The Microprose solution to this stagnation in the game was to load your bestest troops onto a transport and click the launch button for Mars. You would fight one more big mission blow up the alien brain and it was all over. By now you might have been quite proud of the X-Com organisation you had developed. But with one rather boring mission the whole thing was wrapped up, thank you for coming don't forget to purchase the next X-com installment.

Xenocide could allow for a different type of Mars Mission where you build and send "Base Ships" to Mars and take the fight to the Alien controlled Planet & turn the tables. You would have to take the role of invader, capturing Alien personnel and further techs, terrorising their Cities, scouting for and damaging their infrastructure and trying too defeat THEIR defence force. that would be MUCH more satisfying and effectively double the game without a heck of a lot more programming.

Or of course you could just play Xenocide as the Aliens.

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Posted 11 August 2006 - 09:19 AM

A poster after my own heart. This has been suggested often and wanted even more. I like very much the idea of having to build some massive ships that are bases in orbit. Then you stage from those to go down onto the surface(which would be very unfriendly). Obviously to combat the clone legions of the aliens you would have to create your own clones. As an added bonus for an even longer game(probably an add on), once you 'inherit' the base by destroying alien leadership you have more game choices. 1) Go back to Earth and continue hunting remaining aliens who survived. 2) Start using alien technology and possibly clone troops to start the same kind of conquest the aliens originally planned, abductions/terror/assassination/infiltration.

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Posted 27 August 2006 - 06:55 AM

Wouldn't it make more sense if the addon is to play from the alien side?

And as alien, you play as an orbital base commander. The homeworld have special order to capture 10 humans to start up with. So the start of the game is to gather able groups of Greys Soldiers and equip them with Plasma guns and stun launchers. In the earlier mission, the enemies are only police, gang members (which can be quite dangerous <_<) then continue further to X-Corps. Then as the mission progress, player would have to resupply base, so more terror zones for food. And Soldiers can be upgraded manually to Navigator, Engineer, Medic, etc depending on mission, kill, or successful healing, or longer flying time, etc. Not losing objects is upmost important because the enemy(X-Corps) can research them. So say enemy captured plasma guns from retreated zone will cause the enemies to have plasma guns in 4 days or so. And to attack enemy bases, player have to send ships to detect their hidden base. Of course, sending smaller ships to gather enough materials to trade with the homebase for alien composites and xenium are essential. Or to use the materials for cloning more soldiers and building a base on Earth. Then as time progress, the manufacturing team was given a blueprint of bigger ships, better weapons, etc by the research team (which run automatically depending on how many science type were listed). So is better fighting species. Like capture live snakes (stole from zoo, perhaps?) and human will lead to research of snakemen (vipers), etc. Maybe etherals (cloaks) are special unit send by homeworld only. Then base were finished building and it can be served as storage, outpost, and refuel. (Base have limited range of radar and no defense since players are the invaders anyway) Attacking enemy base will require a large ship. The more weapons lost to enemies, the better their defense will be. When enough high rank personnel were lost, enemy finally attack the homebase, and that's game over for players. Main point of the game is to create enough troops for a full out invasion of earth. Such as, Global Mission Objective: 10000 troops, 50 Terror Ships, best weaponaries to support the troops, etc then it's Game. Or even put a twist where player can redirect and invade homeworld and took over the homeworld, and that's also Game. Then final cut scene is a full force flying out from homebase flying toward earth.

Edit: Damn, I got so excited I went completely off topic.... :P sowwy.

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#4 randomagain



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Posted 04 September 2008 - 03:59 AM

I'd like to see the brain get up and attack as a surprise.

Also with interstellar travel you could expand to different planets.