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X_x <=|(0-0) Superhuman In X-com Base...

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Posted 19 April 2009 - 11:59 PM

Superhuman difficuity. Trying to play no reload, but i still reload when i do something too st00pid. My base is attacked! Luckily the 18 soldiers i ordered because i had only one left have arrived and i had laser pistols so i did have a chance. But soon everything turned into heck...

After about 4 soldiers have died, the others started panicking and aliens were using the opportunity. They walked into small rooms and kiilled my soldiers because they were not facing the right direction. Aliens were shooting out of nowhere.
Eventually i ended with 2 soldiers. It was a dead end! I shot a cyberdisk right of hiding place and took cover. Then other soldier got MCed and killed my other! x_x.
I wanted to reload and kill him. :smiley_laser_beam: :devilburn: But then a plasma beam came out of back and pwned. 2 cyberdisks...
Staying in the cover. The cyberdisk pops in and after receiving a small quantity of bullets goes out. 2nd soldier pops in, misses and gets pwned. The next turn cyberdisk pops in again and kills.

Oh no... :(

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Posted 20 April 2009 - 02:45 AM

Was this an early base attack before you got a chance to remodel the starting base? The starting base is so badly designed that I think it was done deliberately so that you got attacked from every corner of the base - at the same time. Not impossible - just difficult.

Base defence generally ends up one big proverbial game of whack-a-mole (with armed moles) combined with a game of leap-frog to secure each of the base modules. At least that's how I see it. :D

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Posted 28 April 2009 - 05:18 AM

Had to start another. HE(avy)cannons are magic and i did not regret equipping all my soldiers with them in beginning... :cussing: I just couldn`t stop reloading on my base defense in this base!!!! All this could be avoided if i supported my soldiers a sidearm. I ended up with floaters preventing my soldier from getting out, seek another shelter to kill the reaper over there and he only had HE shells. I do not trust the x-com rules, but this one is pretty true:"if you need stun rods, you sold/forgot to buy/lostwithskyranger them. If you have them, you do not need them."
This difficuity keeps owning me! I had soldiers missing floaters 2 hexes away and soldier shooting floater to the right...but his shoot didn`t even go in the floater`s direction!
:cussing: i had a screenshot with soldier that was so tired that he had 0 tus and stamina, but stupid paint net couldn`t recognize it...

Looks like i will devote this topic to my Superhuman experience. How do i place screenshots so they do not auto-load? (i am not yourself a dial-up user but there may be some)
Had to retreat from a night snakeman terror mission. Chryssalids are just annonying, but they do not wait for prey to come, unlike Tentaculats, so they run out of stamina quickly. Or if your soldier reaction shoots one it often turns back and leaves.
Anyway, i left because my soldiers had crap accuracy(why i had to have 3 soldiers autoshot a chryssalid several hexes away? Because they liked to miss!) and snakemen were shooting at me out of dark.

End of month. Finally...this time floaters, and they start a terror mission. I arrive at it during day and rock, because on the base defense floaters brought blaster launcher and i researched them instead of plasma of heavy cheats. Floaters killed all civies except 2 and one of civies was killed by me. But not due to heavy use of blaster launchers:damn rookies can`t aim! And that aimed shot accuracy 74% while crouching looked pretty promising:(. I had a laser tank+2 soldiers with personal armor but they didn`t get shot anyway. And i didn`t even reload or save during the mission, because i saved in Geoscape.

Looks like i found an use to these laser cannons:i tried to intercept an abductor and after running out of avalanches, interceptor pulled in with laser cannon, but abductor didn`t fire back.

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Posted 07 May 2009 - 10:12 AM

I'm about to finish up my first Superhuman / 1-base only in hawaii / no reloads run.

It was pretty much an uphill climb until I finally got tired of not having access to Psi, and sent 14 expendable men with stun rods to a sectoid terror mission. As luck would have it, the very first sectoid I saw, 3 tiles from the skyranger, was a leader. I dusted off on Turn 2 with him in tow.

Once that was taken care of, the only issue has been securing elerium. With no landmass nearby, any UFOs I down will require significant fuel expenditure... and it's hard finding power supplies. I knocked down 3 sectoid supply ships, followed up by 2 abducters, in span of about 1 game week. Didn't find a single stash of Elerium in any of them :(

Also, I have been knocking out alien bases left and right... but when I finish the mission, I never get any elerium.

With my constant base attacks (I'd say 2-3 per month), I am just swimming in cash and have supplies a plenty for everything... except that precious e115.

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Posted 07 May 2009 - 12:11 PM

Also, I have been knocking out alien bases left and right... but when I finish the mission, I never get any elerium.

With my constant base attacks (I'd say 2-3 per month), I am just swimming in cash and have supplies a plenty for everything... except that precious e115.

Just keep at it (or if you want to cheat a little bit, just keep reloading until you see the 20x20 module where the 2 power sources show up). Or if you are completely insane (like me OMFG), just keep going back to a base you like and constantly pillage it (remember to keep one alien alive so the mission doesn't end). Grab anything that isn't nailed down, huff it back to the green starting area and abort. You are going to have to sacrifice the power sources to get to the Elerium underneath (shoot them with Heavy Plasmas or even Heavy Lasers, stand over the remnants and pick up the yellow crystals - looks like a stun bomb in the map), but you could always manufacture a PS or two if you really need it. And I should also note that one Power Source in a base will always be unpowered (no Elerium) so you will not get as much as is expected. However, if you run about 4-5 "Smash 'n Grabs" per month, you should recover enough Elerium to supply your needs for a while. There may be none of these modules present or you could see 1 or even 2, but never 3 AFAIK. Depending on how close that alien base is to your own, try hot-swapping your troops (as soon as they get back to base, put them on another transport and send it out to the base again). By the time your troops arrive back home, the first transport should be refueled (or nearly so). Rinse and repeat until you are sick of it. ^_^

You can also find Commanders in a base (if the race has that rank), so that's a way to get to Cydonia if need be. :)

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Posted 08 May 2009 - 07:46 PM

July. I have recovered the crashed abductor. it`s doors turned to be in front of my soldiers. Initially i didn`t want to set an ambush, but floaters just couldn`t stop exiting the door and getting themselves killed. After killing 9 floaters without losses i throught my soldiers went on killing spree. Even the tank participated in the reaction fire event.
There was a hole in the abductor in the south-eastern part, big enough for a tank. Moving it through i saw a floater through another hole, but no line of fire! And silly me throught that tank will not it itself. But it hit itself. :(

In August i have a medium scout occupied by ethereals! 4 of them were near my ship! And it was in desert! However, they did not reaction fire a lot, so they started mindcontrolling my blaster launcher dude, but he didn`t fire. Putting a stunned ethereal to skyranger. Blaster launcher fires. All dead! x_x
Of course this is no longer a no-reload game.. I just save before the battle and reload if i lose.
Laser rifles own all aliens, pretty accurate and can make 2 aimed shots per turn. And because of this, i am still with laser rifles instead of plasma-of-heavy-cheats. They are even better than HEavy cannons.

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