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Earth-mars Cut Scenes

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Posted 24 April 2004 - 07:53 AM

I normaly restrict my comments to the story-relate stuff, but this animation was too awesome to pass by without saying anything. You're doing some fine work Deimos - better than some professional productions do! That said, a couple points for consideration on the vid.

1) I know that you were planning to have Cheif restrained with a harness of sorts which would restrict her movement, but the harness would most likely have some give- certainly in the forward direction. When she looks to the side and out the window it might be appropriate to have her lean forward alittle bit as she turns her shoulders and head? Between 2-3 sec in the vidio, cheif's final head turn seems alittle too dramatic or perhapse it's the rebound back -- but it makes her head look somewhat in-organic or cartoony. Maybe locate the ISS wreckage closer to the front of the ship so her head doesn't have to turn so far to look at it would solve that problem?

2) Hair - I assume that there will be some movement of hair? It seems alittle too fixed in place, for lack of a better word.

3) The shirt collar could use a little bend or gap between the collar and the shirt that it's attached to and unjoining the small segment right above the top button might be best too -- how would one get her out of that shirt if she couldn't fit her head through the collar. ^_^

Wow, that was longer than I though. Sorry =( I really did love the animation.

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Posted 25 April 2004 - 08:47 AM

Thanks for the comments Nurrin. Some good ideas there, but as the current one is the equivilant of a rough sketch just to get an idea of placing and the like, the final one will much more polished and tweaked :)

The hair won't really be visible as the final anim will have them dressed in either power suits or flight gear with helmets on. The primary considerations really are the movement and facial expresssions, which do need like you say some work on the organic-ness ;)