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X-corps Internal Structure Revealed

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Posted 11 October 2007 - 06:23 AM

This CT by tzuchan is based on this discussion, not critical and just around for those who really want to do sth. else for a few minutes. ;)
Please bear in mind that this is and should stay tzuchans CT. If it advances to proofread some day it will make it into the game, if not, it will not.

Project Xenocide Organization Structure
X-Net://Pegasus.net/Organization/Project Xenocide/Organization Structure

Omega Level Security Clearence Required.
Unauthorized access of this document will result in the permanent incarceration and/or termination of offender and/or accomplices.

X-Corps is an independent international organization created as a response to the increasing extra-terrestrial threat. In order to successfully accomplish this, X-Corps will have to engage the extra-terrestrial threat, research and reverse-engineer alien technology, and develop and manufacture new and improved weapons and/or equipment. To this end, X-Corps can be broken down into four main divisions: Military Operations, Research and Development, Engineering, and Administration.

The Military Operations(MilOps) Division consists of four sections:
- MilOps-01 - Ground Combat Operations
- MilOps-02 - Surveillance and Interception
- MilOps-03 - Medical

MilOps-01 consists of soldiers organized into small tactical squads for the purpose of engaging enemy troops in order to defend military and civilian targets, acquire alien technology, and to engage in offensive action on enemy territory.

MilOps-02 will be tasked with the detection and interception of enemy aircrafts. As such, this section is staffed by technicians in charge of detection arrays and aircraft maintenence, as well as the pilots who will engage hostile aircrafts in both offensive and defensive actions. The pilots are also resposible for the insertion of ground forces.

MilOps-03 is tasked with providing the facilities required to assist combat troops in recovering from wounds sustained in combat as well as returning them to active combat status. To this effect, Section X-04 not only provides medical assistance, but is also staffed with psychologists and psychiatrist to provide counselling .

The Research and Development(ResDev) Division can also be broken down into four sections:
- ResDev-01 - Xenobiology and Xenobehavioral Studies
- ResDev-02 - Interrogation and Intelligence
- ResDev-03- Alien Technology
- ResDev-04 - Integration and Development

ResDev-01 is given the vital task of examining both dead and live speciments that MilOps-01 recovers in order to both discover weaknesses as well as learning the origins of the extra-terrestrial threat. To this end, ResDev-01 will conduct autopsies and experiments on the speciments recovered.

ResDev-02 will be focused on the the recovery of intelligence from captured enemy officers. To this end, ResDev-02 will co-operate with ResDev-01 in the study of live speciments. Ultimately, the objective of ResDev-02 is to recover intel that will enable X-Corps to take effective offensive action against the threat by locating and pinpointing weaknesses in the extra-terrestrial threat.

ResDev-03 will be focus on understanding and reverse engineering successfully recovered alien technology. This is of vital importance as alien technology is demonstrably more advance than current human technology levels. It is vital that this advantage is taken away from the enemy forces by equiping X-Corps with similar technology.

ResDev-04 is tasked with developing new equipments and weapon systems based on research that is currently available. ResDev-04 will also cooperate with ResDev-03 as they increases our understanding of Alien technology. After having reverse engineered the alien technology, ResDev-04 will then attempt to intergrate and develop technology that will provide X-Corps with an advantage over the menace.

The Engineering Division(EngDiv) is made up of three sections as follows:
- EngDiv-01 - Basic Production
- EngDiv-02 - Weapons (Craft Weapons, Handheld Weapons, Ammo, X-CAPS)
- EngDiv-03 - Heavy Construction (Crafts, Craft Components, Assisting with Base Construction and Maintenance)

EngDiv-01 is tasked with the manufacturing of equipment and armor based on designs provided by either ResDev-03 or ResDev-04. This section may prove to be the most critical in increasing the survivability of X-Corps soldiers in the field. In the event that ResDev-03 manages to reverse engineer alien materials, ResDev-04 may be able to develop better body armor for X-Corps soldiers. Also, ResDev-04 currently has plans to develop a portable medical kit that may prove vital saving the lives of wounded soldiers.

EngDiv-02 is ready to produce weapon systems that have been developed by X-Corps researchers. This includes reversed engineered alien weapons as well as laser based weapon systems pending research by ResDev-04. This section is also tasked with the manufacturing of weapons for our interceptor platforms as well as the production of the X-CAPS support vehicles designed by ResDev-04.

EngDiv-03 is primarily responsible for the construction of base modules from prefab materials as well as maintaining the base and base equipments. Also, in the event that new craft components and/or air craft designs become available, EngDiv-03 will be in charge of manufacturing said items.

Administration(Admin) consists of the following sections:
- StratCom - Strategic Command
- Logistics
- Council Observers

StratCom is the Commander and his staff. The Commander is in charge of guiding X-Corps in overcoming the Alien threat. As such, he has the final say regarding any decisions to be made. The Commander is also the head of MilOps. In order to ensure that the Commander sufficient knowledge to make decisions, the heads of ResDev, EngDiv and Logistics serve as advisors on his staff. As such, StratCom sets the policies by which X-Corps acts, and will be leading the defense of Earth.

Logistics is given the vital task of maintaining the combat wortiness of both Section MilOps-01 and Section MilOps-02 by both maintaining and providing the equipment and logistics of both departments, as well as planing and providing diversions as to maintain the quality of morale. Also, this section is charge of ensuring that X-Corps not only has sufficient equipment to fight effectively, but also managing X-Corps' budget. In the event that it is necessary, X-Corps is authorized to trade both recovered artifacts and weapons designed and manufactured by X-Corps.

The Council Observers are the representatives of the Council of Founding Nations. They are sent to observe X-Corps' efforts against the Aliens, and will report and make recommendations regarding the funding of X-Corps. It is vital the X-Corps maintains the support provided by the Council, and as such will have to listen to the Council's suggestions. Nevertheless, StratCom can choose to ignore the Council's requests at the risk of reduced funding or the representative's nation withdrawing from the project.

While the divisions function independently on most parts, they will require the support from other divisions to perform at the maximum efficiency. As such, the Commander must not ignore any of the divisions.

Black Level Security Clearence Required.
Enter Clearance Code : *************************
Enter Authorization Code : *************************

Black Ops Divisions

In order to ensure that information regarding X-Corps is not leaked out to both enemies and the public, the formation of two black ops division was authorized. Both black ops divisions report directly to the Commander. The two division are as follows:
Section-09 Xenocide Internal Investigation Department
Section-10 Military Intelligence Bureau

As suggested by the name, Section-09 is specifically targeted at internal leaks and threats. With agents quietly inserted into all other divisions, Section-09 is positioned to stop any internal threats with minimum fuss. Agents undergo vigorous training designed to have their real personalities and training submerged within their subconscious. As such, Section-09 agents go about their duties unaware that they are hidden agents. However, upon detecting and/or locating a threat to X-Corps, the training will come to the fore and the agents will subdue all threats and then report back to Section-09 command for debriefing and re-insertion.

Section-10 is tasked with infiltrating the general populace and the governments of the world's nations. Their purpose is to ferret out and locate information regarding alien activities in the public. They are also tasked with seeking and terminating Alien infiltrators. As such, Section-10 serves as X-Corps' eyes and ears to prevent against any attempt to back-stab Project Xenocide.


you just have to like the section 9... :)

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