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Simple X-com Like Game

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Posted 05 May 2006 - 09:53 PM

Hello everybody!
I don't post often, but a joyous occasion is upon me. Recently my Computer Science class has finished AP examinations, and now we get to work on independent projects. Everyone is making something lame, so my non-UFO partner and decided to make a crappy, text-based X-Com, multiplayer clone. Having only two weeks, there are obviously not going to be many features, and the storyline has been completely changed. The main difference is that each side only controls one character, but the tactical aspect is very similar (hiding, smoke, mines, etc...) The teacher liked our idea, (and thinks we're mad to be writing it in C). We are going to use the ncurses API, so it will only run on Linux, maybe Macs too, I'm not sure. I was hoping someone would know of a SSH server wehere the game can be hosted, and accessed by everybody? Anyway, our project proposal is attached, it has the main idea of what the game will be like and some "made-up" screenshots, you may need to use high resolution or small font to view those properly. I'll release the source right after we finish. But I'll make real screenshots as we work on it.

Edit: P.S. Was the forum down for a while, or is it just me?

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