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Which Game Music Do You Like Best?

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Poll: Which Game Music Do You Like Best? (25 member(s) have cast votes)

Which Game Music Do You Like Best?

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#1 Arjuna



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Posted 07 December 2004 - 08:00 AM

Personally, I like TFTD's battlescape better than UFO's boring repetitive theme, but in the Geoscape I much prefer UFO. As a side question, what is Xenocide's music going to be like?

#2 A_dxman



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Posted 08 December 2004 - 08:15 PM

Apocalypse! when a BB (or what ever it is) goes of when you've had nothing but creepy music it can really make you jump...mmmm sets the right kind of mood, wish i could set up a system to actualy RUN apoc, stupd friken XP :Brickwall:

#3 Guest_Azrael_*

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Posted 08 December 2004 - 08:26 PM

Apocalypse, you gotta love that creepy music when you are searching for those nasty worms, kinda reminds me of one of the Aliens music themes, the music for the geoscape in UFO was cool though.

#4 stewart


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Posted 09 December 2004 - 01:42 AM

Where's the radio button for Final Fantasy III (6)? :rolleyes:
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I'm starting to like the heavy cannon more and more.

#5 Gurluas2000



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Posted 09 December 2004 - 07:47 AM

tftd forever

#6 Jonaleth Irenicus

Jonaleth Irenicus


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Posted 09 December 2004 - 09:09 AM

I haven't ever heard the Apoc music but TFTD is really cool.

I also like other games' music, especially "Plancescape: Torment", "Prince of Persia: Sands of Time" and a song in one of the Legacy of Kain series.
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#7 Arjuna



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Posted 10 December 2004 - 07:13 AM

TFTD has very good music for battlescape, especially if you manage to coincidentally time actions with the music. It's much more active than the battlescape track in UFO.

But again, the geoscape music from UFO is really good. One of the tracks gives it that "we're losing despite our best efforts" feel, even if you're not. For some reason, it helps me concentrate; I play it in WinAmp when I'm doing my homework...I know, I'm weird.

I've never heard the music from Apoc due to the lack of an effective sound card and a piss-poor operating system. I've heard that Apoc works on XP, though.

Nobody voted for Interceptor, and I can see why. I don't think anybody's even heard of Enforcer, and I've never played it; I just put that option on there for the sake of completeness.

#8 NKF



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Posted 10 December 2004 - 04:48 PM

I have Enforcer, and unfortunately, I never found the music as catchy as those in the first three games (oh, there might have been one or two, but it never caught on. Probably because I kept thinking "Shut up professor Standard!" all the time to even notice it :) ).

I've only limited experience with Interceptor as I've only played the demo, which had decent music for a space sim. The ambient music when you're not engaging enemy ships wasn't bad either. Kind of a floating through space endlessly feel to it. The combat music also wasn't bad, but I wouldn't want to be hearing it constantly.

E-Mail X-Com has no music, as far as I can remember. You have to provide your own.


I enjoy the UFO Geoscape sequences. All four of them. Well, okay, just three of them. (there's two sequences in each midi file). My favourite tracks have to be in GMGeo2.mid (Mainly the intro to the sequence 4 minutes into this file - or track 5 on the PSX version). So, I've in fact replaced the tactical music with the geoscape music. I find GMMars.mid rather catchy as well (I think this track is sometimes used in the debriefing screen).

TFTD seems to repeat a lot of its music, but quite a lot of it is enjoyable and helps set the old naval film mood to the game as well. I don't really like most of the interception music, but I do like the third intercept sequence (gminter3.mid). The land battlescape music almost gave me a heart attack (well, my heart rate increased) when a trumpet blast coincided with me spotting an aquatoid that'd been creeping up from behind. So I give it a thumbs up.

Apocalypse, well, the one music track I kind of like is the citysape ambient music. Hard to describe which one it is, but it's definitely not that yucky one that replaces it much later into the game. The two combat music sequences are good too, but it seems a little excessive for such slow paced gameplay (well, if you're like me and pause a lot to consider all the tactical options). I keep thinking of someone running the teeth of a comb off the edge of a table when I hear the battle music...

Overall though, I quite like the direction the UFO geoscape music went, but that's not to say I don't like the music from the other games.


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#9 j'ordos


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Posted 11 December 2004 - 06:27 AM

I vote for xcom1 as well. Battlescape music might not be that good, but geoscape music is rather good. Intercept tune is nice as well, and the GMMARS one. I used to like the terror site music too (GMENBASE or something?), but now it just sounds wrong, stupid midi drivers...

TFTD music is not that bad either, but well, I suppose xcom1 just is THE classic :)

Apoc music, can't remember the cityscape music actually, battlescape music was enjoyable, but I mainly remember the CD had to load quite some time when it started a new track, and would occasionaly hang :)

Interceptor music... I have absolutely no recollection of that one.
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