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#1 Deimos



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Posted 02 May 2003 - 07:47 AM

One game I was playing I had an unexeptional soldier named Gunter, he'd tag along on missions and I'd usually keep him at the back as he wasn't what you'd call an exceptional soldier.

That is until one terror mission when as usuall cyberdisks were hunting in packs of three and they wiped out my main assualt force.

So Gunter had not much choice to run away and get gunned down or at least shoot back and maybe take one out.

He took 6 direct plasma hits and was wounded but he stood his ground and took out all three disks. The medic got to him and fixed him up and we carried on with the mopping up of the sectoids. About three turns later him and two other guys were heading for a gas station when an alien grenade was dropped at his feet.

He survived it with 3 wounds. His team mates who were further away didn't. Ok he did panic and ran off, unfortunately for him, in the direction of one of his dead team mates who just happend to be carrying a primed proxy grenade.

Boom. He walked out of it not a scratch.

He eventually got killed on an alien base raid about 12 missions later by a direct blaster bomb hit. He'd racked up about 36 kills by the time he 'bought the farm'.

He was about the best soldier I ever had apart from Sigorney Homburger my latest captain who seems to be invunrable to plasma fire. The funny thing is that neither of them high stats, go figure.

#2 Cubik



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Posted 02 May 2003 - 04:00 PM

This one time, I saw these aliens, they were all like :aliencool:
So I got all like :o
And they got all like :alientalk:
So I got all like :hate: :hate: :hate: and :uzzi2: :alienoooh:
And then it was all like

#3 mamutas



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Posted 02 May 2003 - 04:10 PM

What was Gunter rank when he dier? Just curiuos...

Also, about the medics. Do you always have one in the team? What does it carry? Only medikit? Anything else? Are there any other medikits on the team?

Intresting story, but sounds really unreal. :o
It is not like I do not trust you. I am just thinking as a coder here. How is that possible to survive so many blasts? Bug in the program? Did he have an armor?

#4 Deimos



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Posted 03 May 2003 - 05:23 AM

What was Gunter rank when he dier? Just curiuos...

Also, about the medics. Do you always have one in the team? What does it carry? Only medikit? Anything else? Are there any other medikits on the team?

Intresting story, but sounds really unreal.  :o
It is not like I do not trust you. I am just thinking as a coder here. How is that possible to survive so many blasts? Bug in the program? Did he have an armor?

IIRC Gunter ended up as a captain.

I only use medics once I've got flight suits researched and equipped. I find it a bit of a waste of time carrying extra equipment when usually one plasma hit kills the soldier outright. When my soldiers have enough resillience to withstand a hit from plasma, then they're worth saving :)

The terror mission this happened, my guys were wearing body armour and it was about three weeks after ufo first came out way back when processors only had two numbers on them and 8 meg of ram was excessive :) so it might well have been a bug, but it was good fun.

#5 Shades



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Posted 09 May 2003 - 09:27 PM

If you want an awesome story about the greatest X-Com soldier ever, then you, my friend, need to read about Chappy Chappy, my old room mate's best man.

Here's the link: Chappy's Bio

Also, the comic he draws is surprisingly good- just read a fwe from the archives, you'll see.Irritability

#6 Mustang



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Posted 23 June 2003 - 08:15 PM

I had a scout named Virgil Mcneil he always left the Skyranger first and never got hit. (but shot at) On a terror mission when he was a squaddie with 23hp he went out to far and came upon 2 floaters and a reaper. :o I was thinking "next turn and he's dead" <_< *next turn* blam blam blam blam blam blam bite bite :explode: all hit him he was still standing! :o I checked him and not a scratch :devillaugh: Ever since that misson he seemed to be invulnerable to plasma AND explosives :happybanana:

#7 mikker


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Posted 29 June 2003 - 08:28 AM


If he survives, try making out the cydonia mission with him only with a stun rod?

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#8 c4t



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Posted 29 June 2003 - 08:46 PM

hahahahaa, that would be so funny ^_^, oh oh oh, i know what he could do.... if you didnt want to use the cheat where you just go to green room, run up to cyberdisks with a high explosive, and let him have it, taking the explosion because he is invincible of course ^_^. also, this would work for chyrissalads, NOBODY IS IMMUNE TO THEM. B00m!

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Posted 29 June 2003 - 08:59 PM

I would go into the HEX editor just to see what stats the computer put on that guy???...then I would try to duplicate him to another name to see if you've found a formula for an invincible soldier... :uzzi:

#10 Mustang



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Posted 30 June 2003 - 09:29 AM

I shot him with a blaster bomb and he lost 20hp and no fatal wounds :devillaugh:

But :crying: he died today, someone was mind controlled and shot him with a laser and he died :boohoo:

I'll reload and see if survives the cydonia mission with a stun rod

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#11 c4t



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Posted 02 July 2003 - 12:52 AM

anxious to hear how far he gets,

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#12 Mustang



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Posted 02 July 2003 - 09:53 AM

He was a commander and I had ever since the beggining of the game
Edit: He had 453 kills

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#13 Mariondeputy



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Posted 03 July 2003 - 12:38 PM

Last night I was playing and the aliens attacked my main base. When the tilescape loaded up. All of my soldiers were trapped in a living quaters that somehow was not connected to the rest of the base. All but one person, my commander Tatayana Samusenko, defended the entire base, starting off with an auto-cannon and one belt of AP ammo. I switched her to a dead aliens heavy plasma the first chance I got. There were 2 HWP rocket tanks, but both were destroyed before they even got a chance to fire. Anyway, I planned to reload as soon as my Commander died, I subscribe to the Iron Man rules and never reload unless I come across a glitch in the game. But suprisingly she killed every alien, including 2 cyber disks!! She now has 57 kills!!!

#14 Mustang



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Posted 12 December 2003 - 09:51 PM

anxious to hear how far he gets

A little late but, he stepped off the Avenger BLam! dead....

#15 Blehm 98

Blehm 98


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Posted 29 February 2004 - 04:58 PM

I had a sniper, with 70 accuracy and 50something reactions and 70 grenade accuracy, and he survived from the beggining until he became a colonel, at which point he seemed to dissapear! I know he never died either. Igot a commander, who was one of the sniper's friends, and after he became commander, he was easily my best soldier, and he had saved may men from aliens due to godlike accuracy that he gets when his men are in danger. I used an editor later and gave him 200 psi strength, and 160 in most everything else.

ooc:his reactions an accuacy before i used the editor were both over 70 :)
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Posted 01 March 2004 - 05:41 PM

I had this Commander once. Absolutly unstoppable. I always put him out front. He had all this health and accuracy and so luck. One of my captains about to eat plasma, I could just stick him in front of the captain and expect everything to work out fine.
Then one day, at a terror site, he got ambushed. He was in the middle of about 10 troops and in like, two turns, they were all eliminated. He's just standing there, alone in his flying armour. And there are sectiods and Cyberdisks all around him. He killed like 20 of them, but survived only two more turns or so. It was crazy, like my five remaining guys trying to rescue him all got gunned down, and he's stuck in the middle of this gas station. Cyberdisk reaction shot got him in the back. One shot was all it took. I'm watching my 40 mission, original 8, almost 70 kill Commander die. It was terrible.
The worst part was that I also lost my first Avenger that mission.

#17 Striker



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Posted 03 April 2004 - 07:33 PM

was that his accuracy at the beginningr?! :huh: You can recruit rookies with higher accuracy.
My best shooter on my current squad is Michael Sharpe, he has 119 accuracy. He was out of action for the first part of my game when he was gnawed on by a Reaper, i had no medikits and by the time i had hunted down all the aliens he had 2 HP left.

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#18 Blehm 98

Blehm 98


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Posted 30 May 2004 - 09:36 AM

MOst of my T-shirts guys can take heavy plasma, over and over again, but all i takes is one plasma pistol and :explode:
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#19 The Master Maniac

The Master Maniac


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Posted 13 July 2004 - 03:31 PM

Sigourney Hudson.
Rank: Commander, now that is
Sex: Female
Age: Who the heck knows
Status: Godlike

You know--there are some soldiers that just start off with all the good stats, and then you have the...uh...lemons. Well, Sigourney Hudson was just one of those types. Er, a lemon, that is. She had incredibly low energy, even though she had a decent TU cache at the start (upwards of 80!), and she could barely move more than 5 steps without draining herself and becoming unable to move. In fact, she barely survived her first op, a simple raid on a small scout UFO shot down over South America, because of this problem. At the time, I'd shopped quite crazily, buying or manufacturing newer, tricked-out weapons and such, and of course my economic status had...suffered a bit as a result. To this end, as I normally just would have sacked her near-worthless self and hired a new grunt to take her place, I got all cheap and kept her assigned, threw a standard human pistol at her (couldn't be TOO heavy, could it?) and a couple of magazines, and stuffed her in a Skyranger inside my primary North American base.

Then something strange happened.

The troops at the North American base were elites, the top dogs of X-Com, hard-edged soldiers I'd had with me from the beginning of the game. So, it did seem a little out of place to have such a seemingly worthless soldier taking her place in their ranks, but I had no other choice. She's so screwed, I thought to myself as North American radar detected a "very large" UFO heading west at a moderate speed. A speed my last available interceptor craft could manage. In a desperate gamble, the tiny craft's energy weapons somehow managed to bring the mighty beast down, leaving my troops to finish off the remaining crew. Hopefully.

I send the Skyranger out to the crash site, deploy my team (all tooled out with top-of-the-line weapons and armor, it goes without saying), and let the fun begin.

Only, I got more than I bargained for.

The crew, the majority of which seemed to be, strangely given my progress into the game, your standard Floaters--a bit dated in terms of game advancement, but still capable nonetheless, given their knack for steering blast bombs into your squad, was ready for me. My stronger units mowed down some of the advancing enemies with AC Explosive rounds (look, a mini rocket launcher!), and my forward scouts sprayed the guys coming from the other side of the craft with heavy plasma, while Sigourney, just for the sake of having her at least seem to be useful, proceeded down the ramp with her tiny pistol in tow (which I'd always considered to be rubbish up until the time I'd actually tried one out, hence now).

Suddenly, months of (in game time anyway) experience suddenly went up in smoke. A fleeing Floater spun around one good time to launch a blast bomb at my attacking squad. In a tuft of smoke, half of the troops went down. Now, I don't believe in loading the game again when something goes wrong (the desire not to break the point of the game important, but also there's the fact the game just loves to crash when I reload too often), so watching a good deal of my best troops of my current game suddenly die at the hands of an oversized slug didn't settle well with me. Marching forward, an amazing 4 soldiers made an advance at the very large craft looming ahead, Siggie trailing behind. Do or die time.

Next turn.

Two little Sectoids come out of nowhere, from behind some trees. Crap--but I knew they were no match for my armored juggernauts. Or so I thought. Two heavy plasma shots later, I had two more letters to write to former employees' mothers. Gah! Furious, I let loose with the heavy weapons chick (Yoko Fujimoto), sending a powerful explosive quarry at the grays' general direction. With a satisfying death rattle, the aliens fell in a pixelated heap, leaving me to wonder just what the heck went wrong. I didn't have time to think about it.

Instinctively hitting the "next turn" button in this moment of contemplation, the remaining crew fell on me all at once for a single act of vengence. Plasma flew, a blaster bomb, by nothing short of a miracle, veered too far away and exploded elsewhere, and Yoko's desperate retaliatory fire belched at the incoming forces. In the end, Yoko had taken what seemed to be a nonfatal plasma shot, and 5 enemies lay dead. My turn.

Too bad I had about 7 more of them to go, all of them still in sight right in front of me (I've never seen a standoff like this), and none too happy, it seemed. Yoko primed a grenade, and thankfully she had enough Time Units to hurl it out--but by some stroke of incredible luck--er, what the heck am I thinking...a stroke of incredible misfortune rather--the grenade flew at least 4 squares away from the bad guys.


Other option, use Siggie as a last-ditch diversion to get as many shots away from my star player as possible. Not in so much as personal armor, Sigourney marched forward with her handgun, leaving a good 60 (woohoo) TUs left to blindly dent at the enemies' armor.

A couple of snap shots later, Siggy had somehow managed to down 4 (4!) enemy floaters single handedly. Not bad for someone supposedly weaker than a Sectoid on the Atkins diet plan, huh?

Time for Yoko to clean house (she had upwards of 50 kills, so she was a natural at alien "negotiation" efforts, it seemed).

Auto shot at a Floater. Every shot misses, sending explosions up all around, doing nothing but rearranging the color pallete of the ground around the enemy. Floater turns to face Yoko, sends out blaster bomb. Yoko takes early retirement. Very pissed am I. Gah. The explosion radius is a remarkable one square away from our newfound hero.

Time to die in style, Siggie.

Not even bothering to move a step forward, I opened fire with the sidearm, shots impacting against purple alien flesh in a flurry of nicely animated (for its time) sparks. 3 more aliens down, including that vile rocket-launching punk, and their buddies' retaliatory shots come nowhere close to hitting home. Maybe there's a bright side to having your entire squad annihilated, right? 4 more enemies remain in sight, however. Ah well, nice attempt there, Hudson.

Next turn. The Floaters give it everything they've got, plasma rounds flying everywhere. But there's a problem--a stray blast manages to hit Hudson right at the end of their turn. Frantically, I click her icon. Fatal wounds: 0. Her health had only decreased by an incremental value. Wow.

Swapping mags at the beginning of my turn, I take one bold (read: stupid) step forward, making some more snap shots at the enemy (the bread and butter of the XCOM agent). Two more bite the dust, and with a final snap shot, miraculously the other Floater goes down, too. How could this be?

She's on fire!

I could only hope my luck held out, that Hudson could somehow take another hit from this heavy plasma-toting fiend...

Then she's shot again, and this time, her health levies on an even 10. Crap! My turn to act rolls by, and it's clear that hit is indeed fatal. Do or die, indeed.

Then, I screw up.

God only knows why I hit the End Turn button.

The enemy alien launches the opening shots of his salvo, the plasma rounds flinging away in seemingly random directions--I knew he had enough left for one more turn, one more auto shot...

...and then Siggy takes a brief retaliatory shot, and the big baddie goes down. Mission over. A near-worthless recruit had succeeded where career alien-busters had failed. A bright side to losing every one of my best.

It wasn't hard getting her strength/energy back up. A couple successful missions, and she turned out better than Yoko herself. Inspirational? I think so.


#20 Paladin



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Posted 15 July 2004 - 11:16 AM

I have posted this elsewhere, but since I discovered this topic, I figured I might as well recall an exploit here too :D

I once had this sectoid equipped wil a blaster launcher (first I saw in this game), when not all of my guys had their PA yet... Everyone of my team was right in front of the UFO's doors, all TU spent or reserved, arrayed ot cover the door. the only soldier with TU's left was a scout, literrally at the OTHER end of the battlefield. She had a Heavy Laser and all her TUs, so she knelt down, aimed, and shot the entire battlefield length AND HIT!! :happybanana:
She was so good she got promoted to better equipment, and was a damn good snipper ever after, I even discovered she had 98 Psi strength :blink:
I've yet to find a soldier this good, her joy on Cydonia was to mind control Blaster Launcher Aliens to shoot themselves... :devillaugh:
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#21 EtherImp



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Posted 24 August 2004 - 05:44 AM

I once had a scout with a laser pistol, a few nades, a motion scanner and a stun rod.. I was sitting in the first foyer of an abductor ship, and got my men all in a crossfire.. There were 2 people sitting outside of the door, one was said scout.

I had my scout run in first, while the other scout primed a proximity grenade behind her (next to the door).. Amazingly the reaction fire didn't hit her! Instead, one of the shots nailed the guy outside of the door holding the proximity grenade.. He dies, drops the grenade right next to the door.. Close quarters, like 3 more people standing in that room with heavier weapons, but nobody can come or go without dying because of the proximity nade.

So, my scout is standing there facing off with 3 floaters.. she lets loose 1 auto fire from her laser pistol killing the floater on the other side of the table.. Then another to the floater to the left, killing him as well! Only enough TU's left for one more snap shot, and she uses it to kill the floater to the right.

End round..

Next round, she makes her way into the outer corridores, nothing.. Checks the engine rooms.. nothing. End round. Makes her way to the lift.. Nothing.. End round. Goes up the lift, checks to the east.. A floater with a plasma rifle, she fires an auto shot.. Misses.. Floater boy nails her with a shot directly to the chest (no armor!), she lives, barely! 4 health, 1 fatal wound.. Ouch!

She fires back another auto shot, amazingly with her 3% accuracy, she hits it and kills him..Moves forward some..

End round, 3 hp.. Moves forward some more, sees another floater standing directly in her face as she comes around a corner, fires auto shot, kills him.. I decide to grab my stun rod from the backpack and drop the motion scanner.

End round, 2 hp.. Moves around the next bend, nothing.. End round 1 hp.

Standing right next to the bridge room now, walks in, floater leader takes a shot, misses.. he's standing 2 spaces away, I fire an auto shot.. miss. accuracy is really bad now! Take one step forward, hit with stunrod.. Last alien, dead. Mission over!

Survived with 1 hp.

Deathtoll - 6 vs 1 Injured scout with a stunrod and a laser pistol.
Overwhelmed as one would be, placed in my position.
Such a heavy burden now to be the 'one'.
Born to bear and bring to all the details of our ending,
To write it down for all the world to see.

But I forgot my pen!

#22 teukros



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Posted 24 November 2004 - 06:12 AM

The first time I went out on a real mission I was glad to get out of the dump I'm
calling home these days: stuffy tunnels and dark, chilly rooms dug out of the side
of Mount Pilatus in Switzerland.

During orientation and training none of it had seemed real. I was actually looking
forward to seeing my first real live alien.

My first mission was an assault on a small saucer landed in some farmyard out in
the bush somewhere. Completely new doctrine, put CAP overhead and try to
capture it intact. Some egghead had had the idea that if the entire squad used
incendiary rounds for their standard loadout we might have a better chance
against the aliens. If we wanted armor piercing rounds we would have those on
our belts.

Boy was that a mistake.

Our shuttle overshot its LZ by almost a klick and went down right next to the alien
ship. We were getting shot at the second the ramp went down. So we returned
fire. The first time I ever saw a Gray he had Willy Peter on his skin and he was
shooting some sort of a ray gun in our general direction. The two or three guys in
the back of the shuttle who had shots kept taking them and it seemed to take him
a long time to die. There was no way I could use my AC until we disembarked so
all I could do was watch.

Then we ran down the ramp and we were getting shot at from all sides and
returning fire, starting small fires which spread quickly through the tall, dry grass.

I got some nice images burned into my brain that night, and that is no pun
intended. Ivan Belov's section, surrounded by flames on all sides, on the far side
of the saucer's hatch. The ground cover in front of the hatch also burning. And
Ivan lying on the ground with a sucking chest wound, running out of time faster
than the rest of us.

On the south side of the saucer, my section was blocked by flames. The fire made
it impossible for us to get closer to the hatch, and at least two or three Grays were
holed up inside. I remember feeling close to panic then, and I don't think I was
the only one.

Then this recruit I only knew by name, Yuzo Okabe, walks around toward the front
of the saucer, wading into hip deep flames. He just stands there then, his trouser
legs catching fire, and he takes a proximity grenade, takes aim, and makes a
perfect throw to put it in front of the aliens' front door. Someone from my squad
ran behind him then and pulled him back - I don't remember who.

I don't know if it was set off by motion or by heat but the proximity grenade went
off a second later, and the concussion blew out the flames in front of the door.
Helga Unger from Belov's section replaced it with one of her own proximity
grenades then, throwing a strike through the smoke. I heard she used to be a
softball pitcher, but I swear she threw that grenade overhand.

That grenade _was_ set off by motion, as I saw and heard the door open and a
Gray poked its ugly head outside just to get it blown off.

Someone else from Belov's section put a third grenade in the same spot and
another Gray stupidly opened the door and got the same results. There might
even have been a fourth grenade after that, I don't remember for sure.

A couple guys from Belov's section checked out the saucer then, stepping through
Gray guts to get inside. There was nothing left alive in there so they went in to
wait for the worst of the fire to pass by while we were helping Okabe limp back to
the shuttle. Then they carried Belov back. They were both in shock but we
bandaged them up as well as we could, gave them some meds and pumped them
full of synthetic blood. That stabilized Okabe but Belov almost didn't make it. Back
in the mountain, the doctors said it was a miracle he was still alive.

After two months he was back on active duty and he's been living a charmed life
ever since. He's become a regular sniper, picking off Grays that no one else can
see. He's always getting shot at and the shots always go wide.

Okabe also had to spend some time off of his feet but after he got back on active
duty he was killed his first time out.
Posted Image
A week later:

I'm sitting in the shuttle, back against the wall, wondering what the heck is up.
Special Forces or not, if you're a grunt, they tell you squat. Something about an
Alien Terror Raid in Brasilia. A wha in where? Since when are aliens terrorists? If
that is what's going down, I wonder what cover story the Brazilians will use to
cover the mess up. They've got no Moslems to blame.

None of us have gotten any sleep. There was an hour to lights out when we got
the alert, so some of us are trying to nap on the shuttle. I'm too keyed up.

There's a big empty space near the door, where a light tank is supposed to go. We
sure could have used those rockets. But there was a problem with funding so
we're on our own. That's where the Captain and Sergeant Galagher come in.
They're the two guys closest to the door, so they'll be the first ones out. Each of
them is armed with a Heavy Cannon with belts of AP and Incendiary rounds. Plus
frag grenades, proximity grenades and two electroflares each. I'm sure they
probably have knives in their boots too. A couple of real take charge guys. Who
needs a light tank when you've got them?

Cap is in charge of Alpha Section, and I'm in Sarge's Bravo Section. Each section
has three guys officially classified as Heavy Weapons, Light. Now there's some
military intelligence for you. We're armed with Autocannon, one belt each of AP
and Incendiary ammo, one frag grenade, two proximity grenades, and two
electroflares each.

They call us Light Infantry. Hah!

There is also Charlie Section. Officially classified as a Heavy Weapons Section.
Hey hold up, I thought I was heavy weapons? On no, that's what we said but that's
not what we meant. You guys are just fire teams.

I wish I was in the Heavy Weapons Section. I'd be travelling a lot lighter.

Only two troops there, both females. Evelyn Horton's got a Rocket Launcher (piece
of crap compared to an RPG-7 but it's Made with Pride in the USA) and Marie
Parker has this really cool gee whiz totally experimental Laser Rifle. Hope she gets
off more than one shot.

It's very quiet in the shuttle right now. We'll be crossing the Equator any time now.
I'm going to try to get a few minutes of sleep before we slam back down into

- - -

I hate Grays.

We're supposed to call them Insectroids or something, but screw it. They're Grays.

They bounce along like some sort of wind up toys. With their clammy skin, water
balloon heads, flat faces and Duck Dodgers Disintegrator pistols, they look

Honest to God, I don't mind them so much when they're shooting at us. But when
they're hiding in the shadows and not shooting, that's when I really hate them.

Bravo Section had been walking down some alley in the outskirts of Brasilia (ugly
town) when Sergeant Galagher stopped. Just stopped and slowly sank to his
knees. Patrick Day was whispering his name (loudly), snapping his fingers,
shaking him and stuff but Sarge was unresponsive.

After a minute Sarge came out of it. When he stood up he had the worst look on
his face I've ever seen. He knew the deal. There'd been incidents before, and
people had died. He dropped his weapons where he stood. Even took the knife out
of his boot and dropped that on the ground.

Patrick picked up the Heavy Cannon and I helped him secure the ammo belts in
his backpack. I left the damned knife where it lay.

Patrick escorted Sarge back to the shuttle then. Sarge was going to sit the rest of
this one out. His last mission.

Sergeant Galagher was - is - a good man. Smart, fast on his feet, and tough as
anybody. The bravest man I've ever known.

- - -

Everybody thought things were winding down. Maybe one more Gray holed up
somewhere. Possibly injured. I was checking out a building that had already been
checked out, making _sure_ that it was secure (my buddy, Patrick Day, was
hanging out on the first floor taking a smoke break, simultaneously watching the
back of our other Section member, Ivan Somethingpov, who was checking out
buildings on the other side of the street).

I made my way to the roof, faked to third, and checked to first. Walked over to
the far edge, on the north side of the building... uh oh...

There were two glowing Cyberdisks weaving around down there!!!

I dropped and rolled away from the edge, took off for the stairs, and flew down
them. "Guys! Guyyyyyys!!!! We've got PROBLEMS!"

I got down to street level and Day and Pov were already gathered against the
south side of the building (near the southwest corner). Our Heavy Weapons Grrlz
were next door and across the street to the west, keeping the small building on
that corner between them and where I had seen the Disks.

Day was noisily swapping out his Heavy Cannon AP ammo for Incendiary ammo
and I did the same for my AC. We'd been briefed that Disks were very tough and
hard to damage with either Armor Piercing or High Explosive ammo. Incendiary
was our best shot.

I really hated the idea of using Incendiary rounds again. It had been bad enough
the time we started that grass fire but it might be much worse in this big ol' Robert
Moses Promised Land in the desert.

Since HE rounds were useless I figured that Evelyn's rockets would also be no
good. That left us with one Heavy Cannon, two Autocannon, and one laser rifle
that might or might not burn off a coat of Cyberdisk paint. Against two Cyberdisks.

I heard Pov say "Bozhemoi". Only thing that ever came out of his mouth that I
understood (not counting da, nyet, spasiba and dosvedanya!) I made eye contact
with him, nodded and said "Bozhemoi".

I was nominally in charge of Bravo section and I was trying to think of something
to do. There was no way that I could see that we were going to avoid further
casualties against both Disks. They were just too tough and too well armed. No
matter what I decided on, somebody was going to die. And we just might burn the
town down too.

I was paralyzed with indecision. I guess I was hoping a plan would walk up to me
and bark. I suppose that's why I'm enlisted and other guys get the big bucks.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when Evelyn fired one of her rockets INTO the
small building she was standing next to!!! I pieced it together afterwards and what
had happened was this:

She was lined up with two kittycorner windows, on the south and east sides of the
building, sighting through them towards the northwest corner of the big building I
was behind. She saw a Disk weave out from behind that corner, and entirely on
her own initiative, she fired at it (through both windows!!!) Rockets are supposed
to bounce off of Disks but that was a one in ten thousand shot, there was a bright
flash of strobe light and a loud WHUMP, and then there was a second flash of light
and an even louder WHUMP! NOT ONLY had she taken out the first Disk, but the
explosion had been powerful enough to set off a secondary detonation in the
second Disk!!!

Marie Parker and Evelyn were high fiving each other. I heard Parker say, "Girl,
you RULE!"

Those were the last aliens and we did our best to keep the mess contained until
Brazilian and UN authorities arrived and took over.

Evelyn probably saved lives with that lucky shot. But a month later, she was dead

I miss her. She was always pleasant to be around and she had a nice smile. And
she was a good soldier.

On our next mission, Marie Parker got Mind Blasted by a Gray like Sergeant
Galagher had been, so she had to be let go.

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runs with primed grenades

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Posted 13 December 2004 - 04:52 AM

A Tale of Two Dwights

So I had my squad taking its time preparing for an assault on a large (Floater) Scout. One of my fire teams, with three laser rifles and one AC, was set up beside the door while my Commandos, Dwight Miller and Dwight Gallagher, were making sure that the rest of the map was clear. If any Floater opened the door he would have to turn 90 degrees before he could see my fire team so I would have the drop on him. I wasn't in a hurry.

Unfortunately neither were the Floaters. Long after the Dwight Patrol yelled "clear" for the last time, that saucer's hatch still hadn't opened. Armed with Laser Pistols and Motion Detectors (with stun rods in their backpacks and two grenades on each right shoulder), the Dwights were sitting next to the saucer and monitoring any movement inside. There wasn't any. Maybe it was Floater siesta time. :zzzzz:

Getting impatient, I decided to bring matters to a head. Unfortunately I had left my C4 in Switzerland and so I couldn't blow a hole in the roof of the thing (I'm using the XComUtils but not with random saucers, thankyouverymuch). My only alternative was to knock on the front door. :blink: I had Dwight Miller (a sergeant with two kills to his credit and BRAVE and MARKSMAN flags next to his name) put away his Motion Detector and he armed one of his grenades. Then he went and stood in front of the saucer's hatch so he could go inside with maximum movement the next turn. I had Dwight Gallagher standing (a respectful distance away) with his own armed grenade. I hit the NEXT TURN button...

*fwoosh* zim zim zim AURRRGH ZAP ZAP ("Dwight Miller is unconscious") *BOOOM* :explode: AURRRGH *fwoosh*

:cussing: Dwight Miller's body wasn't even there any more! It had been blown to bits! :Rant:

But I had heard at least two alien death screams. The first one had been killed by Dwight Miller's reaction fire. The second had been killed by the exploding grenade!

So I had Dwight Gallagher run to the recently vacated spot in front of the saucer to try the same thing all over again. My mistake, I should have just rushed the damned thing. I guess I was figuring that there was probably only one survivor, hanging out in the command area...

*fwoosh* ZAP ZAP zim zim zim AURRRGH

And then the battle was over, the aliens had been defeated again.

And when I got back to base, I checked on Dwight Gallagher to see if he had gotten injured. He had a minor wound and he was off duty for four days. I also noticed a second injury. :WTF: I couldn't remember anyone else getting injured... except for...

Dwight Miller


He was injured and off duty for 19 days!


Not believing my eyes I checked my inventory. Sure enough I was missing one stun rod! The rod which had been in his backpack and had gotten blown to bits by that dropped grenade!

There is no way that he could have survived! Could it be some sort of bug that only occurs if an unconscious soldier is pulverized by an explosion?

I'm glad he's still around but maybe I should use an editor to keep him in traction for 999 days...

(And in my next mission I noticed that Dwight Gallagher was still holding on to that same grenade that he had armed a week or so earlier...) :huh:

(BTW sorry about my earlier long story post, it should have gone into the "stories" area and when I went back to try to delete it I wasn't able to... there must be something like a 24 hour time limit to make changes to your own posts. So if any admin reads this please delete it and I'll put it where it belongs)

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runs with primed grenades

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Posted 12 August 2005 - 07:30 AM

First mission for our Brave Heroes: Longshot, Dipstik, and Jackass:

The Defense of Norad had been ugly, 75 rooks dead, Jackass in my backpack nearly dead, and Dipstik with a fatal wound. That was three weeks ago, and with Kappa resecured by a rook team of 16, we were ready to one of the five UFO bases dogging our alien suppression efforts. With a team of 8 other Squaddies/Seargants, we were ordered to take out a base dubed the OMFG!!! base...but some fat pencil pusher, I think his name was Hammond, or Oneilll, said this would be our last mission if we failed. The Funding council was fed up with our efforts...So it was a last-ditch gamble, 4 skyrangers full of soldiers would each base, with the biggest base being hit by us. We should never have even gotten close...upon landing, the initial securing team was hit by stun bomb fire, Dipstik and Jackass rushed foward, and carried those who could be saved back to the medics, while I blasted with a rocket launcher. Then, our HWP Laser tanks were all knocked out in a fire fight...at this point everyone retreated back up to the extract area, and left those few who were alive, for dead...But we managed to blast those poor basque turds as they got near that lift...but then we waited...and nothing happened. Thinking that there might be only one defender we came down...nothing....We blew up the command center.... still nothing we searched all but one room, and when we go there, a CD was stuck :ballandchain: behind a wall of specimen containers. We had a medic with us, a guy named Virgil Gallagher, who was very shortly to become one of the cadre...

I stood guard against the CD, whil Jackass and dipstik tried to get a a better shot than I had, then it struck, Dipstik was hit but not badly, but he dropped his equipment and ran....right into Jackass LOF. Jackass reactioned on the CD, but really hit Dipstick and knocked the poor guy out. then I fired, and hit the CD several times, but didnt kill it. then I turned 90 degrees to se another CD right next to me. I fired and killed it but that was all I Remember

Virgil was pelting the CD with rocket fire, while Jackass ruched Dipstik to him, fixed him up, and sent him back into the fray...while Jackass suppressed the CDs urge to move, Virgil got Longshot on his feet, but the weapons we had with us just couldn't bring it down.

Until Virgil charged the CD with an HE pack threw it, got reactioned to death, and blew the CD up......Mission accomplished! :uzi2: :uzi2: :ar15:

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Posted 08 December 2005 - 11:00 AM

Well... i decided to play a game, and at first i had a skyrangerful on rookies... They are all still alive =b , and i never reload. I named them with the names i have in UFO2000. I could do 7 crash sites and 2 terror missions without any losses. Then i made an avenger and stuffed that full of guys. Next mission was an invasion to an alien base. Like always i completed it without any losses.(i'm master at alien bases :devillaugh:) then the next terror mission, l lost all the other guys except my "elites".

Time passed, and my elites were at least captains. I had just finished researching psy lab... I trained a lot of my men, equipped the craft with mind control stuff, mind probes and some laser stuff. I only had a few blasters. I tried several times to stun the commander with stun launcher. He always died =p .

Finally i got out of room problem and purchased myself 10 stun rods. After that the story went really well...

Now to the alien base where i captured the commander: I started the mission and by the end of turn 1 i had blown up everything, but the room where the commander and 2 leaders were. On turn 2 i sent my elite "Yuri" there to scout. i discovered a snakeman navigator. I mc-ed the bustard and went scouting with it...
i found the leader and the commander, and mc-ed them all. then i started to make the bodyguard style. 2 leaders became bodyguards to the navigator and commanders. i lead them up to the surface elevator and next turn stunned them all... I found out, that since turn 2, they were the only alien troops left.

Now i could bring up two guys, who made it all possible... my commander Trolly2 :D and the ultimate elite "The Predator".

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