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Why Don't You Swing By And...

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Posted 13 October 2005 - 12:48 AM

Until recently, I was a reload-whore, but I decided to mend my ways. Just started my first Genius no-reload game. Located my base in Poland. After I make all my initial changes, my radars pick up UFO-1 landed in N. Africa. It's a night mission, but my initial order of electroflares has not yet arrived. Whatever, I think. I can kill a half-dozen sectoids with 8 soldiers and replace however many casualities I take. I load up the Skyranger with heavy weapons and send it to Tunisia...

Act I:
Initial placement is in a favorable corner. I unload all my men with no problem. Farmland territory. A nice stonewall overlooking two fields with the UFO beyond. Buildings elsewhere, which gives me a (misplaced) sense of apprehension.

About 8 turns go by with me slightly adjusting my men to get a better view of the fields. Repeated sound of doors opening and closing. On turn 9, the one door I can see, at the junction between the fields and the UFO is open. One of my rifleman takes a grenade, primes it, but can't throw over the stone wall. He stands up and tosses it... but he's left with only 3 TUs and can't kneel. The grenade goes off, but no kill. The bold (foolish?) rifleman is gunned down from another direction! I make a mistake and send another rifleman into the field to ferret out the first alien while I reposition another to find the newly discovered alien. Well, the first rifleman is taken down, the second is shot in the side from the first alien, but survives with light damage. Time for plan B. I pop a smoke grenade in the field and my three remaining riflemen flee towards the buildings fronting another side of the field. I leave my HW guys to deal with the field. In my first stroke of luck, we actually spot an alien in the building and take him down with a rifle burst... but it's a floater! Meanwhile, my HW guys are pinned down by fire and accomplishing nothing. My rifleman get through the building and prepare to exit right near the UFO entrance. Rifleman 1 opens the door and spots another Floater near the entrance and kills him, all going well. Two riflemen flank the UFO entrance while the third works on flushing the 2 aliens in the first fields. He gets a plasma shot in the head for his trouble. Then the UFO hatch slides open and a floater hovers out. I fear the worst, but he does nothing. On my turn, I select one of the soldiers and fire an auto-shot at the floater (do you see it coming??) He kills the floater, then puts a bullet in his squadmate's chest. The UFO is empty, and he heads around below it. No enemies in sight. I move my rocketman out from behind the Skyranger to clear his sightlines. Chalk up another kill for the aliens. That leaves 1 AC guy, 1 HC, and my rifleman. The rifleman gets around the UFO and spots one of the murderous field Floaters. He kills him with riflefire while my AC guy panics. I reposition my HC guy (girl, actually). She takes a plasma blast, but I spot the alien who killed her. My HW support guy misses with 6 AC shots, but my rifleman takes him out. AC guy takes a reaction plasma shot, bringing him to 9 health with 2 wounds. I run him over to pick up the rocket launcher and start wreaking havoc. Rifleman finds a building with the telltale open doors. He enters, then on the alien turn the floater appears in a doorway, gets shot twice, then retreats. My rifleman hunts him down and kills him... Mission over, thank god. Then I see the results screen... 50 Alien Alloys, UFO nav, a power source... but NO ELERIUM. Thanks a lot...

Act II:
I start researching the plasma rifle in a bold move, and order some more soldiers. I shoot down a small scout near my base... (note the foreshadowing.) My rocket tank and a total of 10 new soldiers arrive, along with some more equipment. A few days later... base invasion. Not looking good, but at least it will be floaters, with no cyberdisks and no psi, right? Right??

No, of course not. One of my riflemen (S of the access lift, I have 5 guys) kills a sectoid, then ducks into cover. My rifle tank turns the corner to the SE hangar, stumbles on two grouped sectoids, and kills them both with a rocket. the rest of my guys are in the E sector, and I group them how I want them.

Aliens turn: My AC guy S of the lift gets MC'ed and a cyberdisk moves into that area... awesome. No other action. Actually, I'm getting depressed by this, so suffice it to say that everyone in that sector is killed in short order. The rocket tank takes out the disk. Aliens begin to move into the east area. I get a few, but another AC person gets MC'ed, then finds and kills my main rifleman. A cyberdisk moves in and takes out all but one guy hiding in a corner with a launcher. Meanwhile, the rocket tank heads back into that hangar, takes out a bunching of 3 sectoids, and slinks back. The cyberdisk leaves the E sector, headed who knows where. The rocket tank takes out one last sectoid, but has no more rockets. My last soldier, with the launcher, is spotted, and I have him take out a sectoid at close range with a large rocket... blaze of glory.

And that was my game... damn.

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Posted 15 October 2005 - 12:27 AM

Frickin A, dude! Thanks for sharing that story. That's what we live for. More precisely, hope to never experience. you know what i mean!

It's a little bit edgier without reloads. Isn't it?