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Octopus- Ogre Mesh Editor

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Posted 11 December 2004 - 01:38 PM


To ease your work with Ogre engine, you could take a look at Octopus developed lately by Yake team. Download is available here. There's Octopus Editor and readme with instructions how to install it. I managed to do it in something like 5 minutes so you shouldn't have any problems either.

What Octopus gives you? Ability to work with Ogre material (not viewable in 3dsmax, but you can preview it using Octopus very easily), export of mesh and skeleton and animation to Ogre with few clicks, along with UV mapping and .material file.


EDIT: I've forgot to tell you to copy ogre.cfg from Xenocide or delete the one that is in Viewer's folder, becouse this seams to be the problem that prevents viewer from working.

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