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Kiss: Keep It Simple, Stupid

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#1 Kevin McNeil

Kevin McNeil


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Posted 05 December 2002 - 06:15 PM

From the posts I've read there seem to be lots of hangups on the geoscape interactions. For me (and chances are many others) the fun part of Xcom were the battles. I'd be completey happy if you guys could start out with multiplayer battles, thats it. No geoscape, no research, no interceptors, no skyrangers. Game starts...random map, 10 soldiers a side (or an optional number), each with equal starting equipment. For example it could be the starting equipment of the begining of the game, 1 launcher, a heavy cannon or 2 etc. Skyrangers wouldnt even have to be used in the battle, just 'start points' similar to the ones used in alien bases. There ya go, duke it out. Give each map a limit of say 20 rounds (to prevent camping & searches) Between rounds experience is awarded to soldiers similar to the single player game. Deaths are final and fallen players are replaced by rookies in the next round (an actual match may be 10 rounds or so) that way each team will have 10 soldiers at the beginning of each round, although some better than others. "research" would be replaced by items (such as heavy plasma, armor, alien grenades) on the battle map. Which would encourage lots of movement instead of waiting around for the enemy to come to you. I think some of these ideas would be a good starting point on this great idea of a remake.

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Posted 06 December 2002 - 12:26 AM

Download UFO 2000, that sounds like what you're looking for.