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Distributed version control system for ufo2000

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#1 Serge


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Posted 07 March 2010 - 07:53 PM

To make it short. The technologies around us are improving and SVN is not so bleeding edge anymore as it was around 2002 :)

Making use of a distributed version control system can solve some of the problems that we had before. We always had to balance between committing not so high quality code to SVN repository (with a hope to fix it later) vs. not getting any new features committed at all. In one of these extreme cases we get bugs, regressions, playability issues, etc. In another extreme case, we just lose a contributor who wanted to implement some nice feature for the game, but could not address all the code quality issues or just plainly none of the core developers was around to review/commit his/her changes in time.

I myself worked a bit with git and in my opinion it is a huge improvement over SVN. It is quite easy to find a free hosting for git repository, services like github and gitorious exist and making quite a competition for the aging sourceforge. These websites also have some nice introductory docs and guides.

As an experiment, I have set up two git mirrors of ufo2000 SVN repository here (they should synchronize with SVN automatically whenever anything gets committed):

It is not like we are going to move from SVN right now or even in the near future. We can even keep SVN as a primary repository. But having a source repository mirror at github should make it easy for anyone to try some experimental changes and fixes in their forks. Let's see if it is going to make our life easier :)

Comments are very much welcome. I'm not going to enforce anything on anyone and such workflow changes in the development process are better to be discussed.

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#2 Fomka



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Posted 14 October 2010 - 02:26 PM

I setup my repository some months ago and even committed some fixes there. Right now I'm a newbie with Git (and with SVN), so I'll say nothing about Git's improvement over SVN (I experienced that version control is in any way better, than its absence).

I'm writing this post mainly because I want to advertise one thing. Docs and guides are good. But there is even a free book about Git! It's titled "Getting Good with Git" and written by Andrew Burgess. You can download it for free this October from marketplace.tutsplus.com. From the comments I've read, the book is tightly bounded with github and is for beginners (both are my cases :) )

I hope that I'll make my repository better with this book and will understand the full power of Git improvement over SVN :)

My repository

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