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Ufo2000 Frequently Asked Questions

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Posted 07 August 2005 - 08:43 AM

1. I can't run UFO2000, it shows a message box (error message in console for Linux or FreeBSD? version) with error message about missing files, what to do?
UFO2000 requires data files from the original "UFO: Defense" game or freely available demo. It uses them for displaying graphics and playing sounds. Please read the instructions in INSTALL file provided in the UFO2000 distributive.

2. I did everything described in 1. but there are still "missing files"
You probably have a different "UFO: Defense" version or have modified some of the files (probably installed one of UFO mods). If you are sure you have original x-com, please report this problem in the mailing list and send a file the game complains about to the developers.

3. I cannot connect to the server when I click "connect to server" It always says unable to connect. Or even worse, my firewall pops up and warns about trojan activity
When you run the game and select 'connect to internet server' option in the main menu, the game tries to connect lxnt.info on TCP port 2000 (or 2001 for beta versions). If you have a firewall, it might not like that and block this connection attempt. It might even warn you about trojan/spyware activity. From the technical point of view, the game establishes connection with the remote server and exchanges information with it. Trojans also make a connection and exchange information over net, but they use the connection to send your confidential information to their master. As firewalls are not clever enough to analyze network traffic, they can't see the difference between ordinary network game (which ufo2000 is) and a trojan, so it probably thinks that it is safer to block the connection. But it should be possible to configure firewall to allow ufo2000.exe to make connections with server lxnt.info on TCP ports 2000 and 2001.

4. Is there an AI to play against?
The game is currently set to play human vs human. Adding an AI is in our todo list, but there are still a few more important things that need to be fixed.

5. Can I use the new graphics engine in order to "upgrade" the old battlescape section of UFO? This means i would be able to play the normal game but with the new graphics for the battlemap.
I don't think it is possible to add features from ufo2000 back to x-com. The opposite is true, any feature from x-com can be implemented in ufo2000, but it requires a lot of work programming. If you compare ufo2000 with the original x-com, it is just a different game with different engine, similar gameplay and the same graphics :)

6. The game shows strange messages in the console, something about wrong crc, NID errors, ...
These all are the debug messages used by the game engine. Such messages usually mean that the game state on your and remote computer is not synchronized (for example, the soldier has died on your computer, but is still alive on the remote). Continuing to play the game at this point does not have much sence, you will only get more errors or the game can crash. If you encounter this situation, please try to remember what you did that caused this error, try to reproduce it in the hotseat game and report the problem to the mailing list or the forum. There is a good chance that the bug will be fixed if it can be reproduced again (the developers can try to run the game in a debugger, add more debug messages and narrow the search). If the bug can't be easily reproduced, it is very difficult to find and fix.

7. Is there any way to get the game to start windowed or use a different screen resolution? My video spazes out when it goes back to 1024x768 after exiting.
Open 'ufo2000.ini' file in a text editor, find F_FULLSCREEN option there and set it to 0 to get the game start in windowed mode. This file also contains settings for default screen resolution, color depth and a lot of other things. There are comments describing each option in this file.

8. What about the missing features like HWPs, Terror units, Medikits, Motion Scanners, Psi-Amps, etc. Will they be implemented?
For the time being there is no work being done to add those features to the game due to other priorities. Also, some features might not also be advisable to have on multiplayer, like Blaster Launchers or Psi-Amps, because of their potential to unbalance the game.

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