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Part 2 - Standard Workflow For The Sound Dept

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Posted 16 May 2005 - 04:09 AM

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when starting
1 - look at the open issues in the bugtracker (or on the Excel sheet)
2 - contact me with your requested issue
3 - I assign you the issue
4 - You post the first work in the "active sfx" or "active music" subforum
NOTICE: title has to be "SND - ACTIVE <SFX or MUSIC> - <TITLE>" and subtitle has to be "bug <number of corresponding bug in bugtracker>"
NOTICE: Everything is uploaded to Xenocide's SVN. Make sure you install Tortoise SVN.

when finished
1 - You contact me
2 - I close the issue in bugtracker (and Excel sheet)
3 - I upload the finished issue to Xenocide's SVN
4 - I update the forum (move active to complete, close topic and update the lists)
5 - You or me publishes it in the docs site


* the SVN is our main working terrain while the forums are there for discussion. Only post in the sound workshops.
* If you want to start on an asset, you PM me first. I will assign it to you. If you start working on something without informing, it will not be noticed and thus most likely not be implemented. Any questions, I'm all ears for any ideas/comments ;)
* in order to know all recent updates, just check this bulletin board. You can always access it thru my signature.

cya later,


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