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Posted 16 April 2004 - 10:44 AM

January 1st, 2067
The first X-COM base in the Outer Rim territories has officially been activated, and what a sorry state it’s in. As with most of our projects, its expenses ran over-budget... *very* over-budget. Of the $50,000,000 I was to be given to operate on, I have only $5,000,000. The base’s stores are likewise in sorry shape- consisting of only 5 recon probes and 10 X-Winder Missiles for our three Lightning II interceptors. Even worse, I only have two pilots competent enough to fly those fighters, leaving one completely useless until I can bring in a replacement.

The previous commander christened this base X-COM Command... at least officially. I heard mention of the name truly being ‘Commander Tommy’s Stand’ from one of the pilots... lets hope we do better then he did. My first action as the new commander has been to order some basic replacement parts, extra missiles, and three new pilots to fill out the first living quarters. For base expansion, construction on two more downlinks has begun to beef up our research capability. To that end, I’ve ordered the download of some advanced research into lasers to give us something better to fight with then 68-year old laser technology. Also, I’ve ordered construction of a second hanger to begin. When or if we’ll have the money to buy more interceptors is in question, but at least the space will be there. Finally, new living quarters and another cargo module are in the process of being constructed.

We are riding herd on three official mining ventures out here, only one of the systems located within our sensor range, and the other two outside it. The only system that really concerns me is Delta Posidentii, which is an hour or two more distant then the other two systems. If the aliens choose to attack in numbers, response could be difficult. To that end, I believe I will dispatch a pair of recon probes beyond that system to provide at least minimal warning of an imminent attack.

And yes, there are aliens out here. So far they haven’t been overly aggressive, but the mining outposts report being buzzed by UFOs that disappear into hyperspace before their defenses can scramble. It’s left everyone jittery, and already our funding is in jeopardy. Why does this sound like a common refrain? Probably ‘cause its the history of X-COM.

Oh, and I plan to take out a fighter every once in a while too.

-Commander Gyrfalcon ‘Katana’ No’Dessu

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Posted 21 April 2004 - 03:06 AM

January 1st, 2067 – 21:00 hours
Did I say the aliens weren’t being overly aggressive? That’s likely to change soon. Not a full day after our scanning array came online did almost a full squadron of alien fighters buzz through our space near Talos bound for points beyond its scanning range. We scrambled our only two fighters with pilots and sent them out after the aliens as a show of force to the increasingly panicky corporation in charge of Talos, Transtellar. Our fighters caught up with the aliens and apparently took them by surprise, two against five. One of the pilots, Daniel Albano, lit into the aliens with a vengeance. According to mission recordings, he splashed three of the aliens, and helped Phalus McDuff with one of his. Phalus downed two of the aliens himself, but will need to work hard to keep up with “SupSuper.”

Unfortunately, they blew the aliens up a little too well, as the only salvageable item left behind was a standard conversion drive. But at least Transteller is happy now.

-Command Gyrfalcon No’Dessu

January 2nd, 2067 – 21:00 hours
A day after our first action, the requested parts arrived from Vela, including two new recruits: Kipa Paasonen and House Ordos. Kipa, having scored slightly higher on his flight tests, will be given control of our third Lightning II, while House will have to wait for the second hanger to be built and an interceptor to be bought. Otherwise, the day has been quiet.

January 3rd, 2067 – 16:00 hours
A small alien squadron has been detected heading for the Talos system, and Alpha Flight has been scrambled after it. Our fighters arrived just in time to defend the corporate outpost of Transteller – a gutsy attack by only three alien fighters. The aliens faced our fighters and a corporate Lightning II, and in the ensuing melee, Kipa dropped one alien, Phalus got another, and the corporate fighter jock managed to down the third. I wonder if we can hire him away...

Once again, only a conversion drive, though we did pick up a fairly intact corpse – a Sectoid, it seems.

January 8th, 2067 – 06:00 hours
The rest of the week has been calm, allowing our pilots to begin to get to know each other and allowing valuable simulator time sparring against each other and together against what we know of the alien vessels. The aliens seem to not have advanced much beyond the end of the first great war, still utilizing the same plasma weapons and the same drives they had during the war. Perhaps the one great difference we face is their use of shielding technology, but it seems to be on par with our own.

2 missions - 2 successes
8 alien type 1 fighers encountered - 8 destroyed (7 by X-COM)
1 outpost saved