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Music from PSX version

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Posted 21 August 2010 - 02:50 AM


Recently started playing UFO EU again, with the awesome Seb patch and 9.7 xcomutils making it better than ever experience. I found out about supreme PSX soundtrack and playing EU with it is indeed much more "submersion" and overall, its GREAT. I cant belive i played psp version of ufo eu once and didnt mention it had a soundtrack, not midi files...

Then i went to youtube an found what a fantastic horror soundtrack TFTD has. I never liked the game, since its xcom ripoff, its greenish color gamma and "yellow" continents look disgraceful and awful to me, and i missed the "interceptor" theme that was so positive and agressive and supremely cool to listen to while your craft is owning that alien shuckeroonies... But the soundtrack for geoscape, battlescape is just so lovely. Its so terrifying, so nice to "immerse" yourself into the terror of the deep....

Anyway, i found out and dled an image of PSX TFTD disc only to find that there are only four tracks, all of them some nature bubbling water sounds. No "terror" theme at all. I expected, as with EU, to have an even better soundtrack, converted from midi and made even better. Did i get a wrong image or are PSX TFTD soundtracks indeed just random water bubbling?