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Posted 07 March 2003 - 01:21 PM

I find an enemy base in the early-ish part of the game. I had just researched Heavy Plasma, so I figured what the hey, good time and place to try them out. Started with 9 guys and an HWP, cleaned out the base save the central command area, still had 4 guys left and HWP (it was a snakeman base). My HWP went into the central area, and there are 3 snakemen in there. I thought great, they are all standing next to each other, I'll get all my guys outside the entrance and lob stun bombs / smoke grenades and keep all that nice $$ worth of equipment intact inside. I line up all my guys, next turn I'd have gone in and made it happen. On alien turn, snake guy decides to fire his blaster bomb at my HWP. He misses. Bad. Everything blows the heck up. Except my HWP. Oh well could have been worse, was thinking....probably a half mil in equipment for an intact control center right?

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Posted 07 March 2003 - 01:48 PM

There is no inherant "Control Center" equipment which you can sell. You get points for destroying the control center which ultimately /may/ turn into increased income from the sponcering countries. If you do not destroy the control center then the base remains intact. Inside the control center map. (UBase_15.map BTW, :D ) is, as I recall: 8-16 Navigation, 4-8 entertainment, and 2-4 reproduction (which Xcom no longer recognizes, though), plus whatever crap the bugs were carrying not to mension the corpses!