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Planet Events.

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#1 Sectopod



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Posted 28 May 2005 - 05:15 PM

What if there were in game movie events in the game? Such as:

When an alien battleship flies over Paris and starts to attack the city, you immediatley get an ingame video of them blasting everything with news correspondants talking in french and pictures of polititians coming out of buildings harrassed by mobs of people, and also cameras zooming onto people who have big flags and banners of the Cult of Sirius worshiping the ufo in it's own way.

Or, if X-Com misses a terror incident in Russia, then a Russian news correspondant starts to talk while a T-10 tank with Conscripts moves into position blasting several Chrysalids.

Or when the Aliens sign a pact with America, you see the President coming out with a Sectoid backed up with 2 Secret Service and 2 Mutons shaking hands.

Basically these are in game moments that dictate the morale of the world, and if places like America are turned, you get information on the news, like in Interceptor, basically it would go like this for an example:

**This is CNN**

Later today the Aliens have just given us one of their great technologies for joining their cause. They have introduced new Fusion Elerium Reactors which are clean and efficent and prevent the ozone layer from.. etc.

The President of the United States is here with us with this message: "The Aliens are our freinds, look at these technological wonders they are giving to our people!"

Later, X-Com responded by stating that the Aliens have hidden agendas and are calling all nations not to listen to their threats.

This is CNN live at 6:00 pm, good night.


These are things that occur randomly, or specifically, and are made to say to the play "OMG I must do something!"

Something like that :) Also, real life events could take place.. for example secret covert missions could be sent to other nations, uncovering the hidden aliens plot, or say Spain may be so ticked off with X-Com they are planning to fire a Nuke at the complex, starting a war, and so on.

Or, you could have good reports:

**This is CNN**

Later this evening, X-Com has just released its brand new form of entertainment to it's people! The new "Sense" technology allows all forms of pleasure to be taken in by the people while watching and "feeling" everything on the "Sensovision". It has been known to be harmless to people, with violent emotions specifically tuned out, and has been known to be a success, being taken in by the public at large!

(insert one of X-Com's allied countries)'s spokesperson said: X-Com has started a worldwide revoloution based on the new alien technology for civilian use! Our government are beginning construction of the new "Sensodromes" in the populated cities, and thousands of people are queueing up to go to the nearest Sensodrome, and plans are made for a home installed Sensovision! This clearly demonstrates that X-Com is for the good of all humanity.


Of course this would be done after you have captured some Alien Entertainment, done some research on it and sold it, It would greatly boost your relations, and perhaps offer more lucrative buisiness among corporations among nations to help you against the Aliens.

Basically, these events can:

Lower X-Com's support,
Increase the chance of nations allying with Aliens,
Keep an eye on how the rest of the world is surviving,
Increase X-Com's support,
Create a direct threat to X-Com,
and anything else :P

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#2 Exo2000



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Posted 28 May 2005 - 05:48 PM

You DO realise this would requite a lot more resources and could increase the overall file size dramatically, right?

I wouldn't mind snapshots of said events, but animated clips would make it far too large if you had a certain amount. Plus, we aren't exactly going to be buying T-10s for such clips.

Unlike the original Command and Conquer, we don't have filmsets and actors. :P

(ok, quite a bit of the C&C stuff WAS CG, but still, they also had quite a few live cutscenes)
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#3 Sectopod



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Posted 29 May 2005 - 01:48 AM


Guess I dreamed too much there, but why not keep it as something like Interceptor? Text-based news, see how the world is surviving, perhaps even 1 or 2 picture clips or finding something in a news paper showing off a new sighting of the Avenger?

I liked the text based news in Interceptor, shame that when I'd advanced so far they stopped completely.

You also thought that maybe some newspapers would attract companies to X-Com? , for example, selling Alien Entertainment would attract corporations to want to buy these new pleasures for civilian use. When your low on cash, you sign up with these companies and start manufacturing Alien Entertainment and selling it to the companies.

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#4 doubleSkulls



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Posted 29 May 2005 - 08:23 PM

I like the idea of a "news feed" that you could see. It would obviously be filtered but through rumours etc you could pass on how the terror/infiltration side was going on.

"In the USA today the White House annouced a drop in funding for the UN. No explanation was given for the reduction - but sources reported the UN had failed to meet security guarantees".

You could also give prominence to alien abduction stories etc. Then looking at those reports gives an idea of alien activity, rather than having a graph showing secret alien activity in areas you aren't monitoring.

#5 Shinzon


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Posted 29 May 2005 - 08:31 PM

mabe those small video clips yes video clips can be rendered in 3ds max using our models and such then saved and played...

those can extend over to a fight between an interceptor and a UFO... or even a UFO crashing down... These little video clips could bring alot more personality to the games, though they would require alot more work (Like that T3 Tank scene would need somone to model the tank, the background, the humans, then add effects like the tank firing then voice acting then texturing then animating... This would be possible if we had a larger staff that was working full time)

Though small things like the x-com interceptors flying to catch up to a UFO could work...

a simple desert landscape or even only sky can do it... then add for flavour diffrent skies like stormy/clear/foggy?

So instead of the old boring UFO intercepted message you would see a video of a interceptor catching up to a UFO...

Instead of a boring America has signed a pact it would show like was stated...




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Posted 31 May 2005 - 05:28 PM

It would be cool if there were lots of these messages, and variants, but the game might suffer as far as replay value. I wouldn't like seing the same clips over and over. I guess you could skip them or toggle them off, but that energy could be better used improving gameplay.
The news ticker or some variant would be great. I'll help type up some news stories if anyone wants me to.