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Newbie question on experience from using grenades

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Posted 17 December 2012 - 08:35 PM

I'm confued a bit on experience earned from using grenades. It says on www.ufopedia.org that you don't get secondary stat increases from throwing things. Yet it also mentions "pass the experience" from using grenades.

What benefits does an individual soldier get by killing aliens using grenades, alien grenades, proximity mines, and high explosive packs? Aside from staying alive? Do secondary stats such as strength, TU, health, etc, go up for making kills this way?

I just managed to get lucky and shoot down a terror ship using two interceptors and avalanch missiles, and I saved the game right after starting the mission. Looking from the top of the ramp on the Skyranger, I see two reapers nearby. I shot one with a rocket launcher, but the other managed to survive the heavy canon and autocanon assault (these guys are all rookies and squaddies due to a bad mission wiping out most of my men and thus have actually missed the broad side of a barn where a floater was hanging out). I'm thinking of taking the last rookie and finishing the reaper with a grenade, will he gain experinece, or should I just have him empty his rifle on auto fire into the reaper to gain experience? There's a good chance he'll hit the kneeling squaddies on the ramp in front of him in the back. The squaddies are in personal armor. Hence why I want to use a regular grenade, but since he's a rookie I want to maximize his chances of improving his 22 strength and pitiful TUs.

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Posted 17 December 2012 - 10:45 PM

Throwing only increases when you throw stuff. It's correct that unlike other skills, it doesn't increase all the secondary stats.

Grenades are a bit unique because they exercise two of your experience counters when you use them. The throwing counter when you throw the grenade and the hit counter if it manages to hurt any aliens in its blast radius. The hit counter is the same counter used when you hit enemies with bullets. This way your secondaries as well as firing accuracy are exercised.

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